How to look good after the delivery

How to look good after the delivery

After the child's birth the woman's life strongly changes. In the first months there is not always enough time even for such ordinary things, the weakening bathtub, a conversation with the girlfriend by phone, morning exercises. And young mom wants also to look beautiful and attractive.


1. Organize the daily routine. The disorganization and randomness will take away from you most of all forces will not allow you to take care of the own life. For this purpose place correctly priorities and make to yourself the approximate plan for every day.

2. Allocate important daily issues without which it is simple to you not to do. It is possible to carry feeding of the child, damp cleaning of the apartment, loading of linen in the washing machine to them and the subsequent its weighing. To iron diapers or not – to solve to you. But experience prompts that it is possible to do also without it. Cooking, first of all for, and a meal three-four times a day – an obligatory and important issue for the feeding mom. It cannot be neglected. And of course – walks with the kid in the morning and in the evening.

3. Surely allocate time for daily rest. Often small children do not allow mothers to get enough sleep at night. Therefore organize for yourself a daytime sleep or just quiet time with the book in hands. This pleasant occupation can be combined with a daytime sleep of the kid. Rest and lack of a chronic sleep debt - the first condition for your blossoming appearance.

4. You keep the figure from the first days after the delivery. Most often women gain weight during feeding by a breast. Therefore make for yourself the balanced food allowance which will include all necessary, but not superfluous. The mistake of many mothers is that they seek to eat and drink more usual to receive the sufficient volume of milk. Actually healthy food allowance without excesses and periodic reception of the herbs and medicines raising a lactation will provide you full feeding of the baby with breast milk.

5. The first weeks after the delivery continue to carry a bandage. It will help to tighten quicker the belt which slightly stretched during pregnancy. As soon as health and health allows, begin to do daily exercises and register in fitness classes or to the pool. Feasible physical activities and exercises will quickly normalize your figure.

6. Walk with the child in the fresh air more. And in any weather. Make distant walks with a carriage. Such exercises will strengthen your muscles of legs and will be very useful to health of the kid.

7. Surely you watch the appearance. Daily allocate time for a hairstyle and an easy make-up. Put on accurately, stylish, according to fashion. But not to the detriment of the comfort. Remember that your female appeal and youth did not remain in maternity hospital. All of you the same young and beautiful woman who entered a new and interesting time of the life.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team