How to tighten neck skin

How to tighten neck skin

To begin to care for neck – one of the main indicators of age of the woman – it is necessary since 25. As long as possible to keep skin elastic and elastic, it is necessary to take daily care of neck: to sleep on low pillow, in the course of walking to hold chin lifted, to do massage and to use special creams.


1. Buy cream, the collagen helping to tighten the flabby folds on neck containing in the structure. Regularly do masks and peelings. At their drawing to avoid skin stretching, make movements from the center of neck to side surface. Taking shower, rinse neck with cold water. The direction of shower stream on it will be peculiar massage. After evening washing and greasing of neck cream, clap on it the towel moistened in salty water folded four times. The palms greased with cream clap on chin in the direction from its middle to ears. About thirty seconds mass neck the ice piece wrapped in flannel for prevention of irritation of skin.

2. Do special gymnastics: having extended lips tubule, you say sounds "about - at-and" with strong articulation. This exercise strengthens wide muscle of neck. For performance of other exercise you need mirror. Put fingers of one hand slightly below than clavicles, and other hand – on chin. Lower mouth corners down, at the same time straining neck muscles. In mirror you will see as the skin on neck rises up, and hands will feel tension of muscles. Having put the crossed hands on nape, reject the head back, at the same time constraining it hands. Having put hands on chin, hang the head, also counteracting hands. Lying on stomach as it is possible further reject the head back. Having straightened the head, put out tongue, trying to reach it nose tip. Having taken pencil in mouth, "write" alphabet letters in air. Repeat exercises every day on 2-3 times.

3. Cosmetologists advise daily for 3-5 minutes to do the massage of neck strengthening her muscles and improving blood circulation. Pat the back of palms on the side surfaces of neck in the direction from below up. On the average line pat carefully, avoiding area of thyroid gland. Having warmed skin, start stroking of neck bones of fingers. Finish massage the easy patting movements.

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