How to protect the child from an arbitrariness of teachers

How to protect the child from an arbitrariness of teachers

The child at school can have conflicts not only with schoolmates, but also with teachers. In this case not to do without intervention of parents as the kid initially cannot interact with the teacher as equals.


1. Find out the point of view of the child on a conflict essence. If, for example, he considers that a mark for written work was given unfairly, see it and analyze adequacy of actions of the teacher.

2. Make a personal meeting with the teacher. It can be done by phone, having called school and having left the message for the teacher to the secretary. It is also convenient to agree about an individual conversation after the PTA meeting if at it there was a teacher interesting you. At the same time is not necessary prior to a personal meeting with it to submit a problem for public discussion - at first it is necessary to learn the opinion of both parties of the conflict.

3. During the conversation with the teacher do not begin the speech with charges. Listen to his story, and then point to those its actions which from your point of view were unacceptable. At the same time try to be objective and to the child - not the fact that he in everything acted correctly. But some actions of the teacher, for example, insults and especially manhandling cannot be justified even by unacceptable behavior of the school student.

4. If you did not manage to find a common language with the teacher, address the director. Try to state the facts, without giving in to excessive emotions. Try to find the solution acceptable for all. At the long conflict the transfer of the child to a parallel class, to group where other teacher teaches can become justified.

5. In the absence of results of influence of the director write the complaint to regional department of education. You can make it or as a part of initiative group of parents if not only your child is dissatisfied with the teacher. The staff of department will be obliged to react to your inquiry. As the department of education has wide powers, it is very probable that after their intervention the teacher will change the behavior.

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