What the nursing mother cannot eat

What the nursing mother cannot eat

Breast milk - the most useful that mom can give to the newborn in the first half a year of life. Its quality directly depends on the woman's food. Having excluded some dishes from a diet, it is possible to reduce considerably risk of emergence at the baby of an allergy or an abdominal distension.

Why it is so important to eat properly?

Breast milk – the most healthy food for the newborn in the first half a year of life. Its quality directly depends on mother's food therefore she needs to reconsider carefully the diet not to do much harm to the baby. Milk is developed by cells of a mammary gland, however at the same time the nutrients which are available in mother's blood where they arrive from a GIT are used. For this reason all products entering the menu of the woman are present at breast milk.

What it is worth excluding from a diet?

Right after childbirth the woman should limit the use fried, smoked, sharp, fat and products with "ill fame" of allergens, for example chocolate and seafood. Onions and garlic are undesirable to the use, from them milk can get a specific smell which will obviously not be pleasant to the kid. Also nursing mother should pay attention to drinks: it is strictly forbidden to drink alcohol, strong tea or coffee - it can excite nervous system of the baby.

Since third month of life, the child can be subject to gripes as his tummy only begins to adapt to new food. Therefore it is better for mother to limit itself from bean, grapes and black bread. If the woman is subject to an allergy, then when breastfeeding it is impossible to use a citrus.

Breastfeeding should not cause psychological discomfort. It is possible to diversify the menu with tasty and useful products which not only will not do much harm to the baby, but also will give to mom pleasure.

What it is possible to diversify a diet with?

If the woman decided to nurse the kid, then in food she should place emphasis on low-fat grades of beef and pork, fowl, fermented milk products, such as kefir, curdled milk and home-made yogurts, cottage cheese and cow's milk (in reasonable quantities). As drink it is possible to use herbal teas, compotes, fruit drinks. During breastfeeding the woman should not feel discomfort, including in food.

How will the ban be long?

The feeding woman has to know that strict restrictions work only in the first six months of breastfeeding. Further it is possible to begin to enter gradually any given products, it will even be useful for the baby. The main thing to do it gradually and to look at reaction of the kid.

The kid will adapt to the outside world, and mom will be able gradually to enter the fallen in love dishes into a diet.

If breastfeeding lasts about one year or two years then about any restrictions, except alcohol, cannot there be a speech. The kid will independently eat various food, and the mother's milk will become him tasty and useful addition.

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