How to register in a kindergarten

How to register in a kindergarten

Children get in the first stage in the life, having hardly been born. Turn in kindergarten – the real test for parents. In many kindergartens the acute shortage of places therefore it is desirable to add the kid to the waiting list as soon as possible is observed.

It is required to you

  • - birth certificate of the child;
  • - passport of the parent;
  • - the document confirming a privilege.


1. Right after the birth of the child hurry up to sign up it in kindergarten. In many cities quite big turns in municipal preschool institutions so do not delay this business. Record is made in RONO, to be exact in specially created departments of completing of places.

2. Collect necessary documents without which you will not be put on a waiting list in preschool institution. You need the following package of documents: birth certificate of the child and passport of the parent.

3. Take also the document certifying the right for a privilege. How quickly your child will receive the place in a garden depends on it. Have such primary rights (privilege): orphan children, children from large families, children of lonely mothers and many others.

4. Go to the special commission on completing of educational institutions and write the application for setting on turn of your child in kindergarten. Specify data of the child, the residential address, number of the birth certificate, information on the state of health of the kid, type of registration and desirable date of receipt in preschool institution in the statement. Surely specify in the statement that garden or even a little where you would like to get.

5. After writing of the application will issue you the reference confirming that your child is registered in the book of accounting of future pupils and stands in a queue on receiving the place.

6. In addition, there is one more way to issue the child in a garden. In some cities there was an opportunity to register in a garden through the Internet portal of public services.

7. Fill out the form of the electronic statement. Will send you the letter notice demonstrating that your application is registered to e-mail and your child is put on a waiting list in a garden. After that it will be necessary only to carry the put documents in the commission on completing of educational institutions to complete process of arrival of your child in a garden.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team