How to teach children to draw

How to teach children to draw

If the child tries to represent semolina porridge something, it is time to buy paints, paper and to create. Psychologists consider that the earlier your child will begin to draw, the his development will begin earlier. While it is still small, we will draw together with the kid and we will help it to master the easiest equipment of the fine arts. For this purpose best of all finger-type paints will approach – they are not toxic and easily wash off, they can easily be bought in any shop where sell office supplies.

It is required to you

  • Dense paper (Whatman paper) or wall-paper from a wrong side, it is desirable to lay all table.
  • Finger-type paints,
  • Wet towel wipes,
  • Dense sponge to cut out different figures,
  • Good mood.


1. Equip the place for drawing. For this purpose it is possible to use a usual children's table, having laid it paper. Spread out paints of different color on jars and part them with a few water. The handle of the child has to be located freely in the capacity that he could gather paint freely. Put a wet towel for wipe of fingers nearby.

2. Prints of palms which he will leave on the first canvas will become the easiest exercise which will give to the child an idea of its great abilities and opportunities. At the same time he will get acquainted also with technology of drawing which means removal of paint from fingers at each change of color.

3. You sit down together with the kid and try what color there has to be a sun. Dip a finger in the chosen paint, draw a circle and beams.

4. Now it is possible to draw the sea or the small river. Wipe to the kid the handle, remove paint and again dip a finger in blue color. For the sea it is possible not to regret paints and to dunk all fingers. Draw waves.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team