How to teach children to like to read

How to teach children to like to read

Children who read much usually try to obtain in life of bigger. But how to impart them love for reading? Now, when there are so many different entertainments, such as TV and video games, many children perceive books as a duty but not as pleasure. But if you are able to teach them to like to read, then will give them a valuable gift which will help them with life.


1. Make reading family occupation. Choose together with children new books in shop or online and read them in the evenings. Begin with short fairy tales and books with verses and when the child is ready to perceive information parts – you pass to long books which can be read for weeks and months. Maintain this tradition even then when he learns to read.

2. After each fairy tale or the head make a pause and discuss read. Ask the child as he understood why heroes arrived in a certain way that as he thinks, they can make farther. Let and him ask you about something. Even if your child already grew up and prefers to read itself, get acquainted with his books and continue to discuss them.

3. Choose new books together with children. Join a children's public library, you go together to bookstore or you find interesting books in online stores. Often in such places it is possible to look at the book, to talk to the librarian or to read responses of buyers – use together such sources to choose what will be pleasant to the child.

4. Show to children that there are many actions devoted to books. In shops there take place meetings with authors and the presentations of books, in libraries – thematic discussions, on the Internet there are websites where people discuss the read books, communicate with writers, do the illustrations or fanfics – literary works "based on" read.

5. Encourage children to read, using for this purpose their interests and a hobby. If your son is fond of dinosaurs – buy to him encyclopedias about dinosaurs and when the daughter begins to veil walls posters with fairies – bring her books and magazines about fairies. Even if children are fond of nothing special, then they for certain watch film and – suggest them to read animated films about Harry Potter, Narnia, Vini-Pukha.

6. Set children own example: read when you have free time. When your children see what you read for pleasure, discuss books with friends, they will treat reading as well as you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team