How to teach the child to drink from a mug

How to teach the child to drink from a mug

When the child drinks through a pacifier or sucks a breast, he has internal a sense of security. It is often possible to see rather adult kids who go with a small bottle and have from it compotes or tea. It is not correct. It is important to teach the baby to drink from a mug as soon as possible. The fact is that long drink from a pacifier causes problems with teeth in the kid. It is important to you to make so that process of parting with a small bottle became less painful and did not injure mentality of the kid.


1. To teach the child to drink from a mug it is possible in 7 months. If you about half a year nursed the kid, then it is better at once to begin to drink from a special cup, avoiding small bottles. The less child, the quicker he adapts to the offered innovations.

2. You are surprised, but the child has to choose ware from which he will drink. Kids all different also try to pick up such mug which will please him.

3. The mug feeder is very convenient both for mom, and for the kid. The child will not choke at drink, and things will remain rather clean. To teach the child to drink from a mug it is possible at once as soon as the kid accustoms with a mug feeder.

4. Pour water in a cup and show to the kid as it is necessary to drink. Begin with small drinks. Bring a cup to a mouth of the baby and slightly incline that the child could take the first independent sip. Desire of the kid to consider a mug has to be with satisfaction. Let will touch it, it will be played. Also it is not necessary to lecture the kid if he has a shower bath. You will have enough time for education then.

5. The kid who mastered independent drink it is necessary to praise and tell it what it at you the good fellow. Absolutely small the baby of it will not understand, and the child of age of 7 months already understands your praise. Remove a small bottle from the child's eyes. Also do not make concessions if the kid is capricious and refuse to drink in the new way. Believe if the kid is tormented by thirst, he will always agree to drink from a mug.

6. There are cases when the child flatly refuses to drink from a cup, and demands a bottle, at the same time rolling up such hysterics that any mom will not sustain. In this case it is possible to use cunning a little. Pour into a bottle usual water or drink which the kid does not love. In a cup it is necessary to pour favourite juice of the kid and to offer it both options. As a rule, in spite of the fact that the child preferred a bottle earlier, in this case he, most likely, will choose a cup.

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