How to tell the child from where children undertake

How to tell the child from where children undertake

"From where I appeared?" - once you will hear this phrase from the child. The natural children's curiosity takes many parents unawares. How to answer this delicate question to the kid?


1. The main thing - do not panic. Sooner or later the child will ask this question. Do not try to leave from the answer, if the child does not obtain information of the house interesting him, on the street or in kindergarten surely there will be persons interested to share the knowledge. If your child came to you, the kid to you means trusts. Even if the kid asks nothing of that kind, it does not mean what does not interest him from where it appeared. You can start such conversation.

2. Several decades ago kids were often told about a stork, cabbage and shop. The truth not all kids trusted in it. And now this option remains quite doubtful. Suddenly in a couple of years you decide to give birth to one more kid? It is better to tell everything as is.

3. First of all tell the child that mom and dad met and fell in love with each other, and wanted that they had a baby. This main thing. It is not always successful to give examples of animals, as a rule in the nature the males do not participate in education of posterity. And especially you should not show to the child a coition of domestic cats or dogs. And informative the child from what was seen will take out nothing good.

4. At the same time it is not necessary to go deep into anatomic details of conception at all. It is enough to kid of 3-5 years to tell "You lived with mom in a tummy. To you it was warm and cozy there. Then you grew up, you wanted to mom with dad and you were born". Tell that mom went to maternity hospital where the doctor helped the kid to be born.

5. Often it is enough to answer a question of the offspring. If the child takes an interest as he could get out of a mother's tummy, can answer that for this purpose there is a special hole, but it is impossible to show it to anybody. And, of course, you should not frighten the kid by stories about Cesarean section or nippers.

6. To the child is more senior it is possible to tell that boys and girls are suited differently and that thanks to special bodies the adult man and the woman can give birth to the baby. At the same time, besides, it is not necessary to go into details of process. Besides there are a lot of good illustrated books adapted for children of any given age which you can read and show to the child. For example Doris Ryubel "From where children undertake", Virginie Dumon, Serge Montanya "From where undertake children".

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team