How to tell the child that he will have a brother

How to tell the child that he will have a brother

You are pregnant, and soon in your family will be next replenishments - the second kid will be born. This joyful and happy event for you and your relatives, but how the senior child will treat that he will become not the only favourite in family soon?


1. It is necessary to report to the child that he will have a brother soon so that not to injure it, not to give reasons for jealousy. It is necessary to consider that, the child is younger, the less he developed ability of expectation - he cannot present that it "in several months". Therefore if the small child, he does not report early news about replenishment in family, it is better to talk about it when you have any more no threat of termination of pregnancy and when the tummy begins to appear.

2. To tell the child that at mom in a tummy the little brother sits, it is necessary in a quiet situation, it is better if at this moment you are some, and nobody will disturb. Reaction of the child can be different: he can be frightened, become angry or, on the contrary, be delighted, but more often children do not understand from the first about what you speak - they need time to consider information, to get used to this news. It can take some time: perhaps, day, and it is possible, week.

3. You do not force an event. You do not hurry to go into details and to tell the child about the kid where he and why there it appeared. When the child gets over the brother who has to be born, he will begin to ask you questions which interest him. Satisfy his curiosity, but tell only what interests it. Is more senior than children, of course, the question as the brother will interest got to you into a stomach that it does there and as looks. If it is difficult to you to explain independently all this to the child, buy "the book about the brother" - the encyclopedia for children where in the available pictures which are not injuring children's mentality it is shown how the small child appears in a tummy at mom as it grows and develops.

4. After you told the child about fast appearance of the brother, do not try to impart to it love for future kid, speaking about what good friends they will become. On the contrary, tell the child more often that when the kid is born, he will be such little that at first will only suck a pacifier and to sleep. So you will avoid huge disappointment of the senior child when he instead of the friend sees small, wrapped in a blanket, the little man. A lot more time will pass before they are able to play together.

5. If you want the senior child to wait for appearance of the brother with pleasure, ask it to help you to choose for it a name. It is very good sign when the senior child names younger. So he at the subconscious level creates with it internal communication and love. Do not limit the senior child in attention during pregnancy, after the delivery. Then he will sincerely love the brother and to help you to care for it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team