How to train the child in letters

How to train the child in letters

Now almost all parents are engaged in development of the child from the earliest age. Boring and monotonous classes categorically do not suit kids. Try to learn with the child the alphabet by means of cheerful and interesting games.


1. Try to make so that from early age of your kid of the image of letters always were at it in the public eye. On walls of the room hang up the paper poster alphabet, on the fridge place the magnetic alphabet. Draw the attention of the child to letters, calling them, you circle a letter with a finger of the baby. Cut out letters from velvet paper, paste them on cubes from all directions. Tactile feelings during the game with such cubes will promote storing of letters.

2. Read to the kid various poetic alphabets, musical books with the read alphabet. When it a little grows up, it is possible to acquire the electronic poster alphabet, a rubber rug puzzle with letters. Find 25-30 minutes a day for daily game classes. For example, throw with the kid in turn a cube, sounding the dropped-out letter. Prompt if the baby suddenly forgets her pronunciation. During drawing on a board or in an album under drawings do signatures by large letters (house, a ball, a sphere and t.p).

3. As a rule, children easily learn the first letter of any given word aurally even if do not know how it looks. Consider any picture from the magazine or the book and try to find on it objects which names begin on a certain letter. That it was more interesting to the child, look for and call objects in turn. Play on the street during walk. Let the kid himself will call a letter, you will look together at the world around and to call in turn the phenomena and objects beginning with it.

4. Prepare paper, felt-tip pens and pencils. Sit down to the left of the child that it was convenient to it to watch what you draw or write. Write on paper a letter a pencil and call it aloud. Suggest the child to circle a letter with a felt-tip pen and to repeat its name. Then change over: the kid let writes a letter with a pencil and calls it, and you circle it with a felt-tip pen. It is important that the baby himself called letters, and not just repeated after you. Playing, the kid learns names of letters, at the same time learns to write them, training perception of their different graphic representation. On one occupation work 4-5 letters, having repeated each 3-4 times. Next time repeat old letters and show 2-3 new. Begin with simple letters in writing, passing gradually to more difficult.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team