How to teach the letter "r"

How to teach the letter "r"

Sooner or later many parents ask a question: "And whether my child correctly speaks?" Some children in one and a half years well say all sounds, and and in 4 years it is difficult to understand others. There are certain age norms for a speech development. But if by five years all sounds, as a rule, become into place, then a sound "р" becomes frequent an obstacle for the kid and his parents. Of course, if in 5-6 years the child does not utter "р" or tells him incorrectly that, these are serious an occasion to address the logopedist. But at first parents can try to teach the letter "r" independently.

Cheerful classes in playful way can be given, since 3 years. It is desirable that by this moment the child already uttered all other sounds. Do not force it to speak "ррр" at once - it will not bring benefit. It can even do much harm if the child already speaks "р" incorrectly. For a start, it is necessary to prepare the articulation device for creation of this sound. The correct statement of language can be developed by means of sounds of "t-d". When pronouncing "t-d" and "р" language is in identical situation. As the exercise machine children's poems in which alternation of these letters occurs will approach. For example:

That, that, that — a hot plate,

Yes, yes, yes — on the street water … Further, it is necessary to teach a uvula of the child of the correct vibration. Language has to be on hillocks (alveoluses) on a back wall of foreteeth, and the parent a finger or a spoon slightly to finger to a bridle, forcing to vibrate thereby a language tip. There is one more amusing exercise which gives children joy. Ask the child to tell "бррр". You watch that lips at the same time were relaxed.

You do not force events, the main thing that the skill was fixed and only after that start the following exercise. Ask the kid to show how the "drrr" or "trrr" tractor is got. Then it is possible to call several words beginning with a combination of these sounds: "fight, drama, tractor". Some children are given a soft sound "р" easier, in that case at it better it will turn out "to shoot" though it is rather an exception, than the rule. What to do if you could teach the child to the letter "r", but at the same time he does not tell it in words? Here, first of all, the patience is necessary, correcting its every time, you gradually accustom to tell the letter "r". It is the best of all to pretend that you do not misunderstand the told word, and the child, trying to explain to you, will utter "р".

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team