How to teach the child to write letters

How to teach the child to write letters

Parents begin training of the child for school long before he goes to the first class. Many consider that with skills of reading and the letter it will be simpler to child to adapt in the new environment, and progress will help it to find the place in collective quicker.


1. Begin with drawing lessons. For a start the child has to learn to draw straight lines. Make sure that he understands a difference between horizontal and vertical pieces. It is the best of all to introduce these concepts into circulation on examples: strip as earth or as tree. Then connect inclined lines and a semicircle. Before starting training in the letter, the child has to know letters, otherwise all these flourishes will be for it nonsense.

2. Combine simple elements and geometrical figures. It is not obligatory to learn to write letters strictly alphabetically, begin with simple and convenient for drawing – "T", "About", "With". Try that during one short occupation the child studied one-two letters, it is desirable to accompany a lesson with explanations and rhymes. Children like to be heroes of adventures therefore when you understand that the first experience is successful, write a name of the child together.

3. Find out whether there are around school of early development and courses of preparation for school. Study the program offered there and write down the child on classes. You should not think that, having given the son or the daughter on courses, you evade from a parental duty to learn and bring up. The fact is that in playful way children perceive information not as under a strict look of mother and exclamations: "Here, now here conduct the line, try, give once again!" Besides work in collective awakens passion in kids.

4. Install the training application on the tablet. Along with usual alphabets and pictures it is possible to find such where it is necessary to draw with a finger letters. Hints are served by asterisks or points which need to be connected. Of course, it is more difficult to write with the handle or a felt-tip pen, but the bright and available form will allow the child to understand that each letter consists of fragments and with what party it is more convenient to begin the line.

5. Show patience. Development of new sciences is similar to schooling to a pot. Parents hurry, want process to return to normal quicker, and it is worth weakening slightly pressure – and everything turns out by itself.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team