How to transfer the child to other garden

How to transfer the child to other garden

Usually children go to kindergarten located near the house. But if you changed the residence, delivery of the kid to a former kindergarten turns into a problem. The daily hours-long road is tiresome both for parents, and for the child. Therefore there is a need to transfer him to other preschool institution.


1. Find out what kindergartens are near your new residence. Talk to managers of these kindergartens and learn whether there are in their institutions available seats. If places are - write down number of kindergarten that subsequently in the commission to ask the permit exactly there. If there are no places, it is necessary or to go to other kindergarten, or as the general turn to wait for the place in chosen.

2. Take the certificate of that, whatchildren'sthe garden goes to your child at the moment. This document can be received at the manager of the visited institution.

3. Address to the commission on completing of kindergartens. Write the application for the transfer of the child to new municipal preschool educational institution. Surely specify the translation reason. Enclose the reference from a former kindergarten to the application, the birth certificate of the child and the passport. If you have a privilege granting the right for extraordinary transfer in a garden, show it. Specify number of desirable municipal preschool educational institution in the statement. If is confirmed that there are places, to the commissions, most likely, will go to you to a meeting. If it turns out that in one of nearby kindergartens there are no places, appeal to the head of department of education to solve a problem.

4. Write the application of the head of the kindergarten which is visited by your child that you transfer the child to other municipal preschool educational institution. If there are debts on payment, extinguish them. Take away the medical record of the child and carry it in new kindergarten.

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