How to treat a diarrhea at newborns

How to treat a diarrhea at newborns

Newborn children often suffer from disorder of intestines, one of signs of which is the diarrhea. But that to treat him, it is necessary to know the reason as the loose stool can be because of food, intestinal infection and from influence of viruses, for example, during flu.


1. You do not treat diarrhea at the newborn independently, especially antibiotics. It can change symptomatology of a disease and cause in the future the chronic course of an undetected disease. Moreover, if the cause of a diarrhea in intestinal infections, can threaten health and life of the kid serious danger. Especially take it into account if the diarrhea is followed by high temperature (39ºС above) and a frequent loose stool (till 10-12 once a day).

2. Use for treatment of a diarrhea at the newborn the medicamentous therapy appointed by the doctor after carrying out laboratory researches. Apply house means to treatment of a diarrhea as additional measures to the main treatment.

3. From the moment of the beginning of a diarrhea try not to feed the child within 6-12 hours. Call the doctor and before his arrival take measures for prevention of dehydration at the newborn. For this purpose often and gradually give to the kid of water (120-150 ml on 1 kg of weight up to 6 months and 100 ml from 6 months and are more senior).

4. During a diarrhea the kid loses not only useful substances, but also forces therefore give to the kid 5 percent glucose or slightly sweetened water (not sweet).

5. If the diarrhea at the newborn is followed by temperature, do not force down it while it keeps in limits 38ºС. Temperature is an indicator of fight of an organism against a possible infection which intestines by means of a diarrhea remove outside. In this case also take measures for prevention of dehydration.

6. If the kid is on breastfeeding, feed him after abstention from food only with breast milk, without any juice and puree. At artificial feeding replace dairy mix medical (on doctor's orders) and give in the small portions (after a break in feeding begin with a half of volume). And that the kid them gorged on, make very small hole in a nipple.

7. You watch the food allowance. At chest feeding of its error can be the main reason for a diarrhea. Exclude all products causing gas generation or promoting it. These are any confectionery, potato, milk, white loaf, bean, cabbage, grapes, a melon, pears.

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