As all to get on well at the house

As all to get on well at the house

The modern woman is implemented not only as mom and the hostess, but also as the professional. To combine care of children, household chores and working duties help rational distribution of time and the correct organization of life.

That all to be in time, it is necessary to learn to allocate the most important. If you do household chores irregularly, you will be tired very strongly, but the most important issues will remain at the same time not made. Create the daily log in which designate what needs to be made surely, and distribute minor duties for less loaded days.

Combine several cases at once – so you finish quicker, and will be tired less since you will constantly switch to different types of activity. During phone conversation it is possible to wipe glasses and to water flowers for now soup cooks – get and hang out the clothes washed by machine.

Surely delegate part of duties on the members of household. Children can quite collect toys, vacuum, remove dust, look after pets. The husband can charge to take out garbage, to wash the dishes after dinner, to take away children in section. Make the schedule for the relatives and remind them of duty to help you about the house. Do not buy to children too many toys. Machines and robots very quickly break and already in couple of days after purchase on all apartment small plastic spare parts roll. Get the developing toys better: designers, board games, sets for children's creativity. Also accustom the child to keep them in order after the game.

Carry out audit in the house and get rid of everything that demands special care, washing and cleaning. Dozen figurines and vases on the shelf needs to be wiped weekly from dust. And they really so are pleasant to you? After use of the food processor the lot of time on its washing leaves. Maybe it is worth getting more ergonomic model? Get rid also of various rugs and capes – they only collect dust. Think of how as much as possible to automate and simplify homework, use achievements of progress. For example, why daily to erase lot of toddlers if there are pampers? Also be not afraid to wash children's clothes in the machine – when using the special modes and additional rinsing it is quite safe for the child's skin.

The apartment – not the museum and not the operating room, you should not try to obtain ideal purity. There is set of more important things – good relations with members of household, joint leisure. Do not forget to care also for yourself. Remember – your husband and children needs the woman who is not tired out on field of household chores, and beautiful and kind mom and the wife!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team