How to connect the winch

How to connect the winch

Prototypes of winches have appeared for the first time in prehistoric times, in ancient Egypt when the drive of their action was carried out by the person or pets to replace whom engines have come: at first external, and later and internal combustion. But progress does not stand still also in the course of modernization for winding on the coil of the device of rope, chain or rope began to use electric motors.

It is required to you

  • - tension indicator.


1. On sales there are winches with the manual and electric drive which are intended for simplification of work of the person at rise or movement of weights. The mechanical device which thrust effort is transferred to flexible steel rope, chain or other element which is reeled up on drum. It in turn rotates around own axis the reducer put in action by any motor.

2. The range of use of winches is quite various. For example, are equipped with them: multiton hoisting cranes, mines of elevators, drilling rigs, cars and other mechanisms. One of the last developments is intended as individual resort of the person during technogenic catastrophes. By means of such winch, having fixed it on belt, it is possible to go down from balcony of the ninth floor of the burning building, without waiting for crew from the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

3. Power supply of the electric drive of winches is carried out from the alternating current main, of 380/220 volts (in building industry), or constant – 12/24B (in cars). At the enterprises of the mining branch of economy the 36-volt equipment in explosion-proof execution is used.

4. Before connection to the alternating current main it is necessary to study "Regulation for electrical install which are obligatory during performance of electric installation work, and the instruction of the producer. Accession of wires is carried out according to the schemes attached to devices.

5. To the household power supply network of 220 volts, three wires are connected to assembly block of the winch: one – phase, the second – zero, the third – grounding.

6. In case of connection of the load-lifting mechanism to three-phase network, to its conclusions it is necessary to connect four wires: rub – phase, one – zero. If after turning on of the winch its drum begins to be rotated in the opposite direction, then two extreme wires from three to which "phase" is connected, are interchanged the position.

7. Connection of the additional traction equipment to onboard network of the car is carried out according to the scheme: positive wire – with accumulator "plus", negative – with "minus".

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