Icelandic lake Yokulsarlon

Icelandic lake Yokulsarlon

beautiful lake Yokusalron reflects itself the sky. Its glaciers attract tourists the set and a surprising look. This very big lake is pride and a sight of Iceland. Behind the territory the lake is in the east of Iceland. The lake Skaftafetl and Hyofn surround local parks. Now the lake is considered one of the most known miracles of Iceland.

The name of the lake in translation from Icelandic to mean as a lagoon of the ice river. Because of it it received the additional name - glacial lagoon.

The lake is amazing that it attracts tourists from all Earth the extraordinary beauty. Each visitor will be able to see the most unforgettable show here. Here various size and form of an ice floe. Height of some of them is 30 meters. Besides, special the lake especially beautiful in in time decline and sunrise.

When grows warm, glaciers in the lake thaw a little, and pieces it drift on a current of water. But in the winter, during freezing of the gulf, glaciers take the shape again and to keep till spring.

Except beautiful glaciers, in the winter on the lake it is possible to see also a set seal. Many tourists like to watch how these lovely creatures catch fish. Besides, in large quantities always over the lake, sea birds turn. These beautiful birdies actively hunt different fish.

Yokulsarlon is considered locals one of the most beautiful sights. Besides, from all sights of Iceland, the lake Yokulsarlon is considered not only the most popular among tourists, but also the most photographed by them. Photos of the lake were very often noticed in different magazines of the whole world.

Besides, Yokulsarlon actively used for shooting in movies. The most popular pictures with participation of the lake are the Hollywood movies about the agent 007 adventures and also blockbusters such as: A view of murder (1985) and Die, but not now (2002), Lara Croft: Peculator of tombs (2001), Batman: Beginning (2005). Besides, the lake was noticed in television programs and commercials.

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