How to treat a potnitsa at children

How to treat a potnitsa at children

Potnitsa can arise both at children, and at adults, but kids owing to imperfect heat exchange suffer from it more often. This harmless phenomenon which is easily responding to treatment, and sometimes passing almost imperceptibly. If in time to take measures, the potnitsa passes without trace.


1. There is a potnitsa more often in the summer, during a heat, and is more rare in the winter when the child is muffled up, sometimes – during a disease as result of the increased sweating at a temperature. There is it as a result of overheating, looks as small red rash, strikes mainly places of skin folds, an upper back. Usually it does not disturb the kid in any way, seldom causes a weak itch, but can at the wrong or negligent care to be infected, and it is already fraught with more serious problems. The potnitsa can be distinguished from allergic reaction just on absence of an itch and in the characteristic locations.

2. If you noticed pink dots on the child's skin, pay more attention to hygienic procedures. Washing 1-2 times a day with children's soap and soft drying of skin are already capable to save the kid from a potnitsa. Only be careful and do not rub skin in places of defeat by a towel – angry, it is easy to injure it, the secondary infection can join. At extensive defeat of a bath it is possible to do with very weak (light pink) solution of potassium permanganate.

3. The leather processing broth of a camomile or a train helps. It is possible to use a baby powder, and at strong defeat – the zinc talker. Refuse for a while fat creams, pass to lungs and moistening or to special baby cosmetic oil. Naturally, the thicket needs to change clothes of the kid, not to assume that he was in damp clothes, in warm and damp rooms. The kidswear has to be made of natural materials. If all of you missed accession of a bacterial infection, see a doctor, he will prescribe necessary medicines. If the potnitsa is followed by an itch, perhaps, prescribing of antihistaminic medicines will be required.

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