How to treat a potnitsa at the newborn

How to treat a potnitsa at the newborn

Potnitsa represents damage of skin which is inherent generally in babies. It arises owing to overheating of the child and instantly causes inflammatory reaction. Therefore its fast and timely treatment is also necessary.


1. SimptomyOsnovnye symptoms potnitsa at the newborn are multiple dot rashes of red color and bubbles with transparent contents. Localization of rashes is extensive. They can be on a neck, on a stomach, on the internal surface of extremities, in axillary poles and in all folds. By the way, pleated skin can be found and the centers of an intertrigo. It should be noted that the potnitsa does not influence the general condition of the child, there can be in rare instances only an itch.

2. Symptoms were LechenieKakimi harmless, the potnitsa should be treated. If she is strongly expressed, then when bathing the kid it is necessary to add couple of kristallik of permanganate of potassium or infusion of flowers of a camomile with oak bark broth to water.

3. Skin folds can try to be washed weak iodic solution which is prepared so: one drop of iodine is added to 1 glass of boiled water. After such procedure surely it is necessary to powder folds a baby powder.

4. For treatment of the rashes located out of folds use weak soda solution (1 teaspoon of soda on a glass of warm boiled water). The received solution by means of a cotton or gauze tampon processes affected areas leather.

5. I exist also the folk remedies helping to cope with a potnitsa at the newborn. 3 times a day on one teaspoon allow to drink to the kid decoction from a grass of pansies. It is possible to prepare it so: to take the crushed grass in number of one teaspoon, to fill in it with a glass of water and to put to boil on weak fire within 15 minutes

6. Depending on age of the child regularly in any given quantity give fresh carrot juice.

7. ProfilaktikaLuchshiy at the child all skin folds and axillary hollows. Air bathtubs in hot and stuffy weather are good. When swaddling the kid, it is worth not to forgetting to rub off his skin clean wet towel wipes. Daily bathings of the child have to become for mom the norm.

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