How to treat staphylococcus at newborns

How to treat staphylococcus at newborns

If the newborn child begins to be ill often, endlessly does not get out of a SARS, he has constant snivels and cough, then, it is possible that this child is infected with staphylococcus. Usually, having heard such diagnosis, young mothers panic. However staphylococcus is perfectly treated. The main thing is not to postpone a visit to the doctor.


1. Staphylococcus is the spherical bacterium living generally on mucous and skin of the person. Its main ""task"" is to reduce immunity. Especially it is dangerous to newborns children which have no own immunity yet. And because of the weakened or completely absent immunity of people it is easily subject to such diseases as eels, suppuration of wounds, furuncles, pneumonia, meningitis and even the general blood poisoning.

2. Why children are more subject to risk to be infected with staphylococcus? First, they are born in hospital. And the sterility not always reigns in medical institutions, as we know. Secondly, staphylococcus lives everywhere - on a floor, on furniture and in different parts of the house. Little children constantly pull not washed up fingers in a mouth, drag toys from a floor. One of the basic rules of prevention of such disease, of course, purity. Not necessarily the sterility (it cannot simply achieve in house conditions), but thorough cleaning of premises is necessary while in the house there is a kid.

3. How to define that the child has staphylococcus? Of course, the most exact answer to this question will be given only by the expert. But to find out that something not so, mom can also. For example, refer several diseases to symptoms of infection with staphylococcus. For example, enterokolit. In this case the kid often cries, its chair, kashitseobrazny with slime impurity, and the blown-up stomach. Vomiting can sometimes open and temperature rises. Also points infectious conjunctivitis to a staphylococcal infection. In this case when crying at the child eyes swell up and redden, from them pus can be emitted, and crusts are formed. Also multiple abscesses and purulent inflammations on skin can be sign of staphylococcus.

4. If doctors suspect staphylococcus at the newborn baby, they will send both mom, and the child to make tests. From mom on the analysis take breast milk to exclude such way of infection. Take biological material on crops from the child - either to kcal, or separated from wounds.

5. If the diagnosis is confirmed, the doctor appoints treatment. The very first recommendation - respect for purity and hygiene. As for medicines then it will be more difficult. Staphylococcus does not react to antibiotics. Because of it there are difficulties with 100% removal of an infection from an organism - both adult, and children's. In modern medicine staphylococcus treat, generally anti-parasitic devices in bioresonant therapy. Also in treatment use antiseptics, immune medicines, very strong antibiotics and bacteriophages popular today.

6. The main trouble is that having had staphylococcus of times, the child does not receive immunity from it for the rest of life. The infection can return still. But you should not panic from it - not always it becomes the cause of diseases at the child.

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