How to write articles for children

How to write articles for children

Children – absolutely special people. They have the outlook, habits and interests which can strikingly differ from what adults got used to. If you decided to write articles for children, you should consider their mental features and most for a while to become the child.


1. If decide what educational purpose (if that is available) is pursued by your article, then and write the plan as you are going to carry her the reader. Remember that the educational techniques applied to the teenager and the three-year-old kid significantly differ.

2. To draw attention of the adult reader, you can write article about relationship of floors, however you will not interest children's audience in it. Choose subjects which are interesting to the modern child – heroes of comics, toys, food, active games in the fresh air, fairy tales.

3. It is desirable that the chosen subject was interesting also to you. You derive pleasure from work, and the little reader will intuitively feel your interest and will believe in written. Remember the childhood, feel as the child again and write what is pleasant to you.

4. Determine the age of target audience of your article and consider their lexicon. The used words have to correspond to the level of development of the child.

5. Do not use complex structures. Especially heavy for children will be participial and verbal adverb phrases. It is the best of all to use simple sentences in which there will be both a subject, and a predicate.

6. Small children like to read detailed descriptions and to consider pictures. Teenagers, on the contrary, go to see more specifics in the text and will thumb through extensive descriptions of the nature and surrounding interior.

7. Be consecutive. If in the article you tell about what tasty chocolate you, and draw at the end a conclusion about usefulness of vegetables, the kid will not understand your article and will prefer to forget about read.

8. Good article for children has to be pleasant not only to kids, but also adults. Whenever possible let's examine the creation to readers of different age – the younger brother, the friend, mother. If your critics approved a note, safely publish article.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team