If the stomach hurts the child that can be given in house conditions

If the stomach hurts the child that can be given in house conditions

Parents of small children often face a problem when at the baby or the kid is more senior the stomach begins to hurt strongly. In such unexpected and unpleasant situations it is necessary to know because of what usually there are pains that is the reason of nausea, vomiting or diarrhea what drugs, broths it is possible to use before arrival of the doctor or arrival of the ambulance. It is also necessary to remember rules of first aid at fever, a lock, an ongoing diarrhea. If the stomach hurts the child, in house conditions it is possible to give it only some medicines, and their list quite short.

The wrong measures of first-aid treatment at belly-aches can do much harm to the child, worsen his state therefore it is better not to experiment with tablets and mixtures independently. The means helping adults, dosages you should not use, in them strongly differ. The most optimal variant - use of the checked folk remedies (broths of herbs, tinctures, teas), a vomiting call for clarification of a stomach, completion of water-salt balance plentiful drink. It is impossible to ignore the worsened condition of the kid - even mild pains can be harbingers of appendicitis, pancreatitis or serious poisoning.

Main reasons for developing of pain

The stomach can hurt the child for various reasons, and at the majority of gastrointestinal diseases this symptom is the basic. The weakness, nausea, diarrhea (or a lock), vomiting, temperature increase, spasms are considered as additional. It is important to define correctly localization of pains, to understand in what place (in a side, at the left, on the right, above/below a navel, in the right, top part of a stomach) hurts. It will help to exclude/assume such diseases as appendicitis, peritonitis, intestinal infection. 

Are the most frequent reasons of belly-aches at children of any age:

  • Gripes and the accumulated gases in intestines. This problem is usually shown at baby age at kids about one year, is connected with the system of digestion which is not created for the present. Dill water, the light stroking massage helps to get rid of gripes.
  • Infringement of inguinal hernia. The child at the same time complains of gripes, strongly sweats, turns pale, becomes sluggish, quite often pain is complemented with nausea, vomiting, uneasy behavior, crying, temperature increase. If not to see a doctor, consequences can be serious.
  • Infection with parasites, worms. To detect the disease though at one-year-old though at the three-year-old-five-year-old child it is possible on a strong gnash teeth in a dream and to the itch around an anus. Also refer change of appetite, appearance of nausea to symptoms of infection with worms.
  • Poisoning with low-quality products. The pain attack in this case is complemented with vomiting, a diarrhea strengthened by gas generation, temperature increase.
  • Appendicitis, pancreatitis or peritonitis.Symptoms at these serious diseases are similar - children complain of severe pain in a stomach or a side, the region of a navel, nausea, a diarrhea with slime, weakness, vomiting is observed. At suspicion of appendicitis it is worth calling ambulance crew urgently.
  • The infectious disease is followed by diarrhea, fever/fever, temperature increase, vomiting. The disease causes fast dehydration of an organism, treatment in a hospital with intake of special medicines is required.
  • Severe bruise. At the child the pain can develop after active sports activities, falling, collision with someone, something, the strengthened loadings. The bruise often provokes misoperation of a diaphragm or emergence of problems with a pancreas.
  • Improper feeding. Malfunctions in work of thin or thick department of intestines often arise after consumption of greasy, salty food, fast food, smoked products, marinades.
  • Intestinal infection. In the people often carries other name - ""sharp stomach"". At this disease the belly wall strains, there are pains, vomiting, temperature increases. 

Also nephrite (inflammation of kidneys), pneumonia, gastritis or an ulcer, impassability of intestines, ingestion of an alien subject can become the reasons of painful feelings in a side, the region of a navel, thorax.

At all above symptoms when twists a stomach, it is necessary not to delay a call of the doctor, visit of hospital, thorough inspection and intake of the appointed medicines.

What can cause a diarrhea/lock

The frequent causes of belly-aches, nausea and slackness at children are long (more than 2-3 days) a lock or severe diarrhea (a loose watery stool of 5-6 times per day). Arise they can be as because of intestinal infections or poisonings (in this case at the small child the diarrhea begins more often), and because of other factors (the one-year-old kid overate apple, banana, drank purchased milk, two-year-old or three-year-old the baby ate too much meat, sweet cookies). The lock often arises at improper feeding, violation of the drinking mode, the use of some products. 

Diarrhea or frustration of a chair at reception of any products is most often observed at babies upon transition from breastfeeding to a feeding up, at children aged up to 5-6 years. It can arise because of overeating, poisoning, improper feeding, introduction to a diet of unfamiliar fruit, vegetables. The lock arises at the child of any age, whether it be the newborn or the teenager of 15-16 years, because of misoperation of bodies of a GIT, some diseases, the use of the fixing products. 

If diarrhea or a lock - the unusual, single occurrence caused by introduction to the menu of the newborn or to a diet of the feeding mom of a certain product - just it is worth excluding it for a while, and the problem will disappear. If the loose stool is observed often, it is necessary to examine the kid not to start a dangerous disease. Frequent locks when ignoring complaints of the baby can pass into chronic therefore it is worth seeing a doctor surely.

First aid in house conditions before arrival of the doctor

If the child is hurt by a stomach, parents, first of all, have to understand in what place hurts, to learn, pains what is the time proceed. At one-year-old or one-and-a-half-year-old it is difficult to find out remains, and here the three-year-old-four-year-old kid can already tell and show where to him it is painful. If a problem that the child ate something or drank it is possible to give him warm tea, to lay sideways, to stroke a stomach.

However, if strong temperature does not fall down, diarrhea or vomiting proceed more than 2 hours, it is necessary to call the doctor on the house. If a chair of green color, and emetic masses - a yellow, greenish shade - in ambulance it is necessary to call immediately.

Here several recommendations from doctors how to behave to parents of the sick child before arrival of physicians:

  • To exclude any food from a diet, all the time to give drink - warm teas, broths, not aerated and boiled water. Milk, coffee, juice is forbidden to be drunk.
  • To put the child to bed, vomitings began to be because of danger nearby. To prepare a basin, a pot, napkins, water just in case.
  • Not to give before arrival of the doctor of antibiotics, soothing tablets, they will complicate production of the exact diagnosis.
  • To try to cause at nausea vomiting plentiful drink, it will facilitate a condition of the patient.

Here the simplest recommendations from pediatricians.

  • If stirs up the kid and feels sick. It is necessary to force him to drink in the small portions mineral water without gas, hardly warm tea, broth of a melissa, camomile, mints or grass collecting. Also dill water will help. At poisoning activated carbon and Smekta will help. Dehydration will help to warn the medicine Regidron. 
  • If in addition to belly-ache temperature (higher than 38 degrees) was added. It is necessary to bring down her febrifugal syrup or means. Panadol children's, Efferalgan, ""Paracetamol"" will be suitable for this purpose.
  • At diarrhea. Smekta, activated carbon will help, ""Oralit"" or Regidron, given to the kid it is strict according to the instruction and also rice broth or infusion of a camomile pharmaceutical. It is authorized to apply to treatment and "Laktovit" with Linex.
  • At a lock. It is necessary to exclude from a diet fat, fried, sharp, pastries, sweets, pasta, to add the menu with boiled beet, prunes. Will help at pains and the medicine ""Mikrolaks"", it is authorized to give it even to newborns. Are capable to facilitate defecation castor, vegetable oil as a laxative enema, the medicines ""Duphalac"", ""Bisakodil"", ""Normaz"".
  • If swelling and a meteorizm disturbs. It is recommended to give to the kid of Espumizan or Disflatil, dill water, warm broth of a camomile.

Experts at pains recommend and such medicines as all known ""No-Spa"", Mezim, Enterosgel. The main thing is to remember that vomiting and diarrhea for 2 days are dangerous by severe dehydration, it is impossible to treat the child in house conditions in such situations. The call of the doctor on the house and thorough inspection in a medical institution is required.

Important recommendations

If the doctor at survey and further inspection did not detect a serious illness, it is allowed to treat children in house conditions. It is necessary to keep to all recommendations, a diet, to take prescribed medications. Such medicines as are most often appointed:

  • Mezim;
  • Smekta;
  • "Маалокс";
  • Enterosgel;
  • Espumizan;
  • "Gastrolit";
  • Rennie;
  • Fosfalyugel;
  • Regidron;
  • Festal;
  • activated carbon.

It is possible to drink broths of pharmaceutical herbs, to apply recipes of traditional medicine in the absence of an allergy and contraindications. It is necessary to adhere to a diet for a month. 

Each parent has to know how to be and what to do in situations when the child is hurt by a stomach. It is necessary to be especially attentive at complaints in the evening, it is more difficult to call the doctor on the house at night. In order to avoid problems with a stomach and intestines you should not give to children harmful products, including fast food, sparkling water and smoked products, to replace breast milk with mix without coordination with the pediatrician. It is impossible and to treat uncontrolledly the kid tablets, drugs at any suspicion of nausea, a lock.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team