If your child spits

If your child spits

Daily parents should face hundreds of various children's habits, beginning from the most harmless, finishing with the tendencies capable to do harm to health. There are red them and such from which parents continually should redden in a garden, at the playground or at school. One of them is desire of the child to spit.


1. Funny, but the similar thirst of children for spittles can become as aggression manifestation, a certain secret weapon, desire to express discontent concerning the selected toy occupied by the competitor a swing, mom who too long does not pay attention to the kid so maybe with banal draft of the child to learn the world, to use the pleasant gesture. It is known that bad habits, as a rule, are stuck easier.

2. Psychologists advise parents not to focus attention on this gesture and furthermore not to apply slaps on lips. Regular ignoring of similar tricks will show to the child total absence of interest of people around in these manifestations. Finally, to the child will just bother to throw up saliva constantly.

3. If a similar embarrassment happens on the street towards foreign children, you should not shout at the child at once. Try to provoke the kid to oral apology before despised, lead a discussion concerning his behavior, but make it alone, without drawing attention of strangers. Having the sufficient level of the parental authority, it is possible very just to overcome harmful draft of the kid with simple manifestation of mentoring.

4. Psychologists suggest to try to apply replacement reception: just react not to own child who spat in someone, and to his victim, paying it attention and in every possible way showing support. The kid has to understand that offending others, he does not draw attention to himself, and, on the contrary, pushes away the adult. However, it is important to know when to stop, otherwise aggression of your kid can be shown with a new force.

5. One more rather effective method of training is the harmless threat of lack of a gift for New year connected with the fact that Father Frost does not visit the mean and disobedient children spitting in the parents and acquaintances. Or the played performance with a pacifier, which promise to insert into a mouth to the "little" sonny at the following spittle that will obviously not be pleasant and will cause laughter in his companions.

6. In case the kid uses spittles behind a dining table, ask to leave the uncivilized family member. Think, perhaps, spittles - manifestation of boredom and inattention from dad and mom, a peculiar way to manipulate "disobedient" and eternally busy parents, try to spend more time with the child, occupy it with something more interesting, than spittles.

7. Small parental cunnings plus is a little patience - and you already shortly will be able to overcome goodness knows where from the undertaken problem. Believe, over time and these difficulties will be overcome at the successful choice of approach, boundless love and mutual understanding.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team