Negative Rhesus factor of blood - not a hindrance for the birth of the healthy child

Negative Rhesus factor of blood - not a hindrance for the birth of the healthy child

The birth of the child is a big miracle! Future mummy wants her long-awaited tot to be born healthy. Very few people from women before pregnancy think of the compatibility on group and a Rhesus factor of blood with the partner father. And in vain! Especially the matter has to concern a Rhesus factor - negative mom if dad of future child a Rhesus factor - positive. In that case it is impossible to deny emergence a Rhesus factor conflict (the organism of the woman perceives the child as the foreign matter, and begins to develop antibodies).

Preliminary visit of the gynecologist

Women with probability a Rhesus factor conflict need to approach a question of planning of pregnancy responsibly. It is good when the woman is observed at the same expert. Besides ordinary survey, the doctor needs to be warned about the Rhesus factor accessory and about pregnancy planning. It is quite possible that to you will appoint to undergo any treatment and also to spend on drink a rate of vitamins and imunnostimulyator.

Registration in the early stages of pregnancy

When there is a long-awaited miracle and the test for pregnancy will show two strips, you should not detain on a visit to the doctor. The earlier you will be registered on pregnancy, the better. Slightly more attention, than to others is paid to Rhesus factor-negative women. Analyses they also hand over more.

Delivery of additional analyses

Check on antibodies at first is added to obligatory analyses. This analysis at first two times a month (till 35th week) and then every week to childbirth carry out time month (to 32 weeks of pregnancy), then. Perhaps, to you will suggest to make the test together with the husband precisely to define existence a Rhesus factor conflict and its caption.

Possible introduction of antirezusny immunoglobulin

If till 30th week of pregnancy did not find an antibody in you, the doctor can advise you to enter vaccine of antirezusny immunoglobulin to exclude an opportunity a Rhesus factor conflict on late terms. It is quite expensive medicine.

After vaccination it is possible not to make the test on antibodies as the false positive result is possible. That is the analysis will show artificially entered antibodies, with the maximum caption till 1:32. It should be noted that introduction of immunoglobulin will not do much harm to the child even if it will have a negative Rhesus factor.

Fast establishment child's Rhesus factor accessory

And there came long-awaited time when you on hands hold the kid. It is very important what mummy within a day after the delivery would be told what Rhesus factor at the kid. If a Rhesus factor positive, then repeated introduction of antirezusny immunoglobulin is necessary. Thus it is possible to reduce risk of emergence a Rhesus factor conflict at the following pregnancy.

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