On what month of pregnancy begins the child moves

On what month of pregnancy begins the child moves

Some women during pregnancy very strongly worry because the kid in a stomach does not move yet. However similar actions of the child begin not from the very beginning of pregnancy but only several months later.

The first movements of the kid

The very first movements of the kid in a uterus happen early enough. But mom does not feel them as the sizes of the baby are absolutely small, and the child freely moves in amniotic waters, practically without concerning uterus walls. The first movements of the child are shown from tenth week when the fruit begins to adjoin to sensitive walls of a uterus adequately.

Future mom remembers the first felt movements of the kid for a long time. Leaning on this date, the gynecologist counts the most exact date of childbirth.

In case the woman gives birth for the first time, the doctor adds to this date 20 weeks, and giving birth not the first time - 19 weeks.

Usually the woman begins to feel movements in 20 weeks at the first pregnancy and, approximately, in 18 weeks at repeated. There are cases when women begin to feel stirs of a fruit much earlier, but this or deceptive feeling, or incorrectly put pregnancy terms.

The first stirs of the woman describe as flounderings of a small fish or waves wings of a butterfly.

Than term is more, that feelings become more accurate and are easily distinguished. By the end of the second trimester the pushes for mom become more noticeable through a belly wall. Closer to childbirth of stir abate. Decrease of the activity of a fruit is connected with its close arrangement in a uterus.

Correct activity

The activity of the child helps to wake up to the first maternal feelings, from the psychological point of view it is very pleasant, in particular when the child desired. According to doctors, it is necessary to watch the frequency and the nature of stirs of a fruit carefully. Normal the child has to move a day not less than 10 times (series of pushes). In the rest of the time the kid sleeps peacefully. If kicks of a fruit very frequent - it can be a hypoxia (shortage of oxygen). At frequent and active movements of the kid of mother it is better to go out of doors or air the room. The most dangerous time when stirs becomes less than 10 in day, or they are not felt at all. In this case it is necessary to call an ambulance at once, or most to go to the doctor. Always remember when the kid begins to move in the morning and consider, being guided by this time not to see possible pathology. Only without fanaticism. There are also other reasons of active stirs of a fruit when the body of mother is in an uncomfortable position. By the way, it can be very dangerous as in such situation the hollow vein is squeezed, and the child experiences oxygen starvation.

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