Preparation for childbirth. When to prepare a dowry for the newborn?

Preparation for childbirth. When to prepare a dowry for the newborn?

Future mothers, indulging superstitions, try to delay purchase of a dowry for the kid for the latest moment, however some things have to be prepared to its birth.

By the child's birth his parents have to get many things: part of them future mom buys, and something is got already in the course of care for the newborn. Objects, obligatory to purchase, include means of hygiene which will be necessary in the first day after the delivery, and the clothes necessary at the time of discharge from maternity hospital. Furniture and a carriage can be bought after appearance of the kid on light, however happy dad and other relatives usually do not find on it time, spending five days in vanity and congratulations. Besides the bed bought without supervision of mom and other large accessories can be inconvenient.

It is not necessary to think what in the first month after the birth will comfortably walk with the child on hands – it needs a short-term dream in the fresh air, and it is better to transport small bottles and spare clothes in the bag going to a set to a carriage.

The list of accessories to care for the newborn which can be taken in maternity hospital includes vegetable oil, pampers and wet towel wipes. Oil is prepared by boiling of usual sunflower at home or is bought in pharmacy. You should not take a product with a fragrance and dyes – kids on it have an allergy. It belongs, first of all, to import goods. It is better to take domestic. Well proved almond oil.

Though milk at mom appears only for the 3rd day, doctors do not advise to take in maternity hospital a small bottle with water as the organism of the newborn contains enough liquid and it has enough colostrum.

Refusal of pampers – not the best idea. The mothers giving preference to environmental friendliness of flannel and print diapers change the decision two days later after continuous care of the child. Practice of separate stay consigned to the past, and the woman who now was tired of childbirth does not manage to have a rest, get enough sleep and to recover. Weakened from a stress and loss of blood, it has to in the afternoon and to approach night the newborn who loud shout demands feeding and change of the damped diaper. And only diapers give the chance once again not to break the rest. Fears for children's skin are groundless – thorough clarification by wet towel wipes and drawing vegetable oil will prevent emergence of reddening.

To discharge from maternity hospital there have to be ready-to-wear clothes for the newborn. It includes a baby's undershirt, a romper suit or a diaper, pampers, a warm suit, socks, a cap and an envelope. To listed add a warm hat and overalls to cold time. For several days, carried out in maternity hospital, the figure of the woman in labor does not manage to come to the state inherent in it to pregnancy therefore mom can be written out in the clothes bought for incubation of the child. After an extract of the house the bed, a carriage and small bottles for water have to expect. The stock of diapers includes about 8 cloths: even when using diapers they should be changed constantly because of course of the last. Many children love that their handles were free therefore it is necessary to buy several baby's undershirts. Also the bath and means for bathing have to be prepared.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team