The developing games for children of 1 year

The developing games for children of 1 year

After a year at babies with assistance of the adult various skills improve: fine motor skills of fingers, coordination of movements of hands and legs. The kid imitates the adult in everything, keeps attention on bright objects, quickly is distracted by other attractive objects. To help timely development of the child – the main task of parents.

The games developing a lexicon and physical activity

To induce the baby to repeat some word and to repeat certain actions, it is possible to put the child on knees and to emotionally repeat cheerful and rhythmical "nursery rhyme", accompanying it with the expressive movements corresponding to the meaning of the poem. In the same way it is possible to take the child for handles, to sing cheerful songs and to be turned together with him, suggesting it to repeat simple actions, accelerating and slowing down movements, clapping. Similar games fill up the passive dictionary by children, improve coherence of movements, form ear for music.

The developing games for children with an obstacle course

Arrange the improvised obstacles for the kid of one year to improve its motive experience. Barriers can consist of small small benches, linen basins, stools, soft modular cubes, hoops. And the path is recommended to be limited to ropes. In the beginning it is necessary to help the child to overcome an obstacle course, having taken him by hand. At the same time it is possible to sentence the rhyme.

Early development of children is impossible without creativity

Since a year it is already possible to begin to do hand-made articles. These classes help to form creative inclinations of the child, contribute to the development of fine motor skills. It is possible to be engaged in finger-type painting, to make appliques from enough large details. It is important that the child took part in it with pleasure and quickly received result of the work. Therefore it is not necessary to choose the difficult, demanding big time expenditure hand-made articles. It is possible to accompany occupation with children's "nursery rhymes" also.

Development of intelligence of the child directly depends on development of fine motor skills of fingers of hands.

Finger-type games

There is great variety of the finger-type games based on alternate bending and extension of fingers. In them it is necessary to play with the child daily. It is necessary to begin with the simple games calculated for kids of one year. At first to study with it one game, then next. It is important to choose the right time when the child is relaxed for similar games: after bathing or after feeding.

It is desirable to accompany all actions with the child with a conversation with it. At the same time it is impossible "to lisp" that further it was not necessary to handle problems of the children's speech to the logopedist.

Children's toys

Joint games with the adult in toys add to touch experience, develop concepts of comparison, generalization. It is important that objects with which the child plays were from various material, various form and the size. These are matryoshkas, pyramids, sets of cubes, logical cubes, tumbler toys, inserts, etc. It is impossible to give to the child too small toys - he can swallow them. The child needs to show how it is necessary to work with any given toy. Playing, it is necessary to acquaint at the same time the kid with concepts "more-less", "above-below", "further-closer", "more thinly-more thickly", "over-under", "in-on". Also to train in distinction of flowers, ideas of smoothness, roughness, humidity, dryness, etc.

The training games for children with the set plot

At the age of one year the child can play under the leadership of mom or dad subject games. It is a game in cooking from toy vegetables, feeding of a doll, rocking a bear. Also it can be acquaintance to the sounds made by animals, acquaintance with vehicles, furniture. At the same time it is necessary to teach the child to the simplified names of objects.

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