The fat child - the healthy child?

The fat child - the healthy child?

Long time was considered that the children's fatness is a sign of health, but this statement actually is quite disputable. Every year children with an excess weight become more and more, and already pediatricians sound the alarm. Therefore parents surely should pay attention whether they make mistakes which can create incorrect eating habits at the child.

5 widespread parental mistakes or what does not need to be done if you do not want your child to have an excess weight.

1. To feed if only what, if only ate

The child does not eat soup, meat and other healthy food? But whether not to offer it then some sausages with dumplings. Does not eat fruit and berries? Perhaps to clean a thin skin, to mash pulp in puree and to sugar properly... Actually so it is not necessary to do! Fast food and semi-finished products will never be able to become high-quality replacement to normal food.

2. To force to eat up

"A spoon for mom, a spoon for dad...". To stuff the child with food and to force to eat everything that lies on a plate - the second widespread mistake of parents. The habit to eat up when the organism was already sated, increases risk of developing of obesity at adult age by 25%.

3. To blame for all hormones

Some parents of corpulent children instead of correcting a diet, shift the blame on hormones and conduct the child on reception to the endocrinologist. However in 95% of cases the doctor does not find any hormonal violations.  

4. To blame for all heredity

"We with the husband not thin, and the child has nobody to be slender". Really, the risk of development of obesity in the child increases if at least one of parents has excess weight. However business here it is rather not in heredity, and in family food traditions. In the house where love fried, flour and also densely to eat for the night, it is very difficult to remain harmonious.

5. To close eyes to a problem

"It is not thick, but just strong!" - many parents claim. Unfortunately, sometimes they are mistaken. To define whether the child has an excess weight, it is possible according to the special table.

Important! 10-20% of normal children can not fit into indications of the table.

  • Weight is more than norm for 20-30% - the 1st degree of obesity
  • for 30-50% - the 2nd degree of obesity
  • for 50-100% - the 3rd degree of obesity
  • it is more than 100% - the 4th degree of obesity

If you found excess weight in the child, surely consult with the pediatrician. The doctor will help to pick up a diet and physical activities, and in certain cases - will channelize on reception to the nutritionist and the endocrinologist.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team