How to purify river water

How to purify river water

To purify river water, it is possible to use the natural filtering materials. It is possible to find them at the specialized enterprises. However if you do not strive for perfection, then it is the best of all to use readily available natural materials.


1. It is possible to make purification of river water in several ways. Quite often people clean water by natural shungit. It is possible to meet shungit brown, dark gray and black color. Still curative qualities of this mineral were in the ancient time known. Scientists have proved that the shungit has exclusive bactericidal properties allowing to cope effectively with the hazardous substances which are present at water, for example, organochlorine substances, namely radicals and dioxine.

2. Sometimes purify water by means of natural zeolite. It has very many merits. This mineral carries out water disinfecting. Now many tourists use zeolite in campaigns on long distance. At the moment in shops it is possible to meet special portable filters which carry out water disinfection. The main active ingredient in these filters – zeolite. This filter is capable to hold long time water in the cleaned look. Viruses, microbes and bacteria cannot resist zeolite.

3. It is the simplest to execute purification of river water by means of activated carbon. It is capable to make effectively water treatment from iron. Iron is the most undesirable element in water. If constantly to use such water, then there will be adverse change of morphological composition of blood. Also there can be skin diseases.

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