The reasons of small appetite at the child

The reasons of small appetite at the child

Adults often complain of small appetite of the children. The fact is that such concept is fixed in our traditions: the child has to eat well and to be a pink-checked big guy. And if the kid eats not so well as mom or dad would like, then they are ready to feed him with force. And for a start it is necessary to understand why the child refuses food. The reasons can be different.


1. Quite frequent reason for refusal of food, is already happened feeding violently which causes disgust from food.

2. Constant having a snack. Happens so that the kid refuses a breakfast, a lunch and a dinner, and parents begin to panic. And if to analyze, then it becomes clear that during the day he ate cookies, candies, fruit, drank juice and so on. In this case it is necessary just to stop having a snack, and everything will rise on the places.

3. The lack of appetite at a disease is quite natural. When children get sick, throughout the sharp period of a disease they usually refuse food. And the come-back appetite says that the kid is on the mend.

4. Perhaps, you impose very big proportions for the child. Each person has the need for food. And it is necessary to approach this question especially individually.

5. The aspiration to draw to itself attention of adults, is the reason of lack of appetite at children too. Often it happens to children is more senior also during any problems in family.

6. If in family too authoritative parents, then the child, perhaps, to spite refuses food or slowly chews. Thus revolting against suppression of its will.

7. During a stress at the child as well as the adult, can have no appetite.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team