How to give birth to the beautiful child

How to give birth to the beautiful child

The beautiful child - a dream of any parents. It is easy to give birth to the beautiful child, especially if parents are beautiful people. But often happens so that at beautiful mom and dad who almost Alain Delon, children who inherited, apparently, those few worst lines what else are in appearance of parents are born.


1. Of course, the main principle here - to pick up to the child beautiful daddy or beautiful mummy. But it somehow does not match those principles on which marriage and family, isn't it is based? We, alas, can not always and not everywhere choose. The main thing that you can give to the child, is a happy and harmonious family in which he will develop well and correctly, and not a so lovely face and curly volosik.

2. Despite all difficulties of genetics (it is unknown what of your lines will be ""chosen"" by your future child - the father's sticking-out ears or a mother's aquiline nose), there are some regularities which will allow you ""to adjust"" the nature on beauty. First, it is a healthy lifestyle both to pregnancies women, and in time. Children with uglinesses are born more often at parents who in usual life do not care for the external and internal beauty. If you have addictions, immediately refuse them: alcohol and smoking - the main enemies of beauty as yours, and your future fumes.

3. Remember that it is possible to make candy when he was already born of any child and grows up. If the child is full, well dressed, healthy, surrounded by the loving people, then he will be beautiful, believe. On his face the smile will play, and on cheeks to burn the flush. About such baby doll any stranger will tell that the child is beautiful. To the contrary, if the child has by nature good teeth, hair, skin if he has regular features, but he at the same time constantly is ill or is malnourished, then it, will hardly christen the growing-up handsome man.

4. Remember that it is not so difficult to give birth to the beautiful child (here indeed everything depends on genetics and on the great and unpredictable choice of the Nature) as difficult happens sometimes to bring up the person beautiful in every respect. Agree, beauty quickly fades if you understand that the person in itself is possible. Besides, having given birth to the child, you will hardly think, he is beautiful or not: for any good mother her child - the most beautiful on the earth. Health to you and your children!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team