Trimming: delicate question

Trimming: delicate question

Often trimming is connected with the ethnic and religious reasons. But all this stereotypes. For example, in the USA more than a half of men are cut off. The 60th years of the last century were the most peak for trimming. But for the last 20-30 years this procedure became less popular.

Trimming: procedure essence

Trimming – removal of edge of the skin closing a penis head. In different countries the procedure is carried out differently and can be regulated even by legislature.

Skin of a head excretes a certain mass of whitish color. It is called a smegma and collects under extreme flesh. In certain cases the space filled with this weight becomes the center of an infection or irritation. If to carry out the procedure of trimming, then, therefore, the smegma will have no place to accumulate, and the infection will not arise.

It is desirable to carry out trimming at early age that it did not cause a psychological trauma. If this operation is necessary for the boy who left during an infancy, then discuss it with it in advance. Show it the skin covering a penis at the head basis. Make sure that the child understands that his penis will remain safe and sound. Explain that in the beginning the penis will hurt, but will very quickly heal. This procedure breaks an emotional condition of boys because it confirms children's ideas that the penis can be cut off as punishment. The greatest danger of a psychological trauma is the share of age from 1 year to 6 years. Trimming does not influence sexual functions, sensitivity during sexual intercourse and satisfaction degree in any way. It is carried out under local anesthesia. It reduces the probability of emergence of complications. Usually after operation skin about seams reddened, sensitive and swelled. All this passes for the third day. A bandage, imposed after operation, it is necessary to remove day later. The penis is accurately washed with water by 3 times a day. After washing apply vaseline or ointment with an antibiotic.

Pluses and minuses of trimming

There are four most widespread pluses of trimming. The first and important – the risk of infection with infections of urinary tract decreases by 10 times. Also the risk of infection of a penis with a virus of papilloma of the person will be lowered. Partners of such men also have the lowered risk of these diseases. There are also cultural, religious reasons. Some religions, such as Judaism and Islam, demand from the believers to carry out trimming. Still an important role is played by traditions of family. For example, when to the boy carry out trimming because the senior members of the family of a male were exposed to this procedure too. But there are also trimming counterarguments. All this surgical intervention and it has probable risks. But they are infrequent. Most often it bleedings and infections, but the doctor can easily cope with them. The medicine does not consider trimming as medical need, despite reduction of risk of infections. The main thing – respect for intimate hygiene. At its correct observance not cut off penis will be not less clean.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team