How to remove red extensions

How to remove red extensions

all scientific achievements, completely it is almost impossible to remove extensions. However they can be clarified, smoothed and made almost imperceptible. Extensions represent damage of integuments at the level terms. At the same time there is atrophy of sites of skin which is followed by lengthening and rupture of fibers of collagen and elastin across.


  1. Recently appeared extensions differ in reddish shade as in internal anguishes of skin there are blood vessels. After a while red extensions begin to brighten and over time take form of white grooves width to centimeter.
  2. Striya are dead zone therefore in their territory hair do not grow, skin secret is not allocated. If to bethink when extensions have still red shade and to take the appropriate measures, then they will disappear.
  3. As soon as you have found in yourself red strips, register in inclusion in clinic where it is possible to make chemical peeling. This procedure includes drawing on skin of acids which burn deep layer of epidermis. During the procedure 3 types of acids are used. The first from the surface of skin the keratosic cages clean up that also promotes collagen synthesis. The second and third type of acids burn superficial and deep skin layers. The procedure is quite painful, but effective. The success of the procedure depends on qualification and experience of the doctor, the correct preparation of skin and also the subsequent its treatment.
  4. houseconditionsMassage with use of cocoa butter will help to remove red extensions . At first purify skin with small srub, carefully wipe towel, then apply small amount of cocoa butter on palm and rub to problem places quiet movements several minutes. This procedure needs to be performed daily within month - gradually extensions will begin to disappear.
  5. Pay attention also to almond and olive oil - everyone them them moisturizes the skin and has the regenerating effect therefore if desired they can be alternated to cocoa butter.
  6. There is set of various cosmetics helping to get rid of extensions. Buying such means, pay attention to structure - it has to contain vitamins C, And, E and also collagen and elastin. Silicone and retinoids can be excipients. It is necessary to apply cosmetic on problem zones in the morning and in the evening.

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