Stretch ceilings with the drawing: pluses and minuses

Stretch ceilings with the drawing: pluses and minuses

The aspiration to live in beauty and cosiness is inherent in much. Trying to decorate the dwelling, to make it unique, unlike others, people look for ways to originally issue interior. One of such ways is installation of stretch ceilings with the drawing which are capable to change surrounding space, having brought in it notes of luxury and refinement.


The stretch ceiling with the drawing represents the design fixed on the aluminum or plastic shape directly under the main ceiling. The main advantage of such ceiling is that it is mounted quickly enough and does not demand coloring, plastering and other works as the drawing is already applied on design cloth, and mounting does not demand preliminary alignment of surface.

Stretch ceilings with correctly picked up drawing allow to change literally even the most, apparently, boring interior. Picturesque cloths look originally and esthetically, bringing in design of the room of note of luxury and doing the room to cozier.

Despite the seeming fragility and subtlety, stretch ceilings with drawings are rather practical and reliable. They do not require special care, and in case of the correct operation can serve more than 10 years. Besides, on the surface decorated with the drawing pollution, as on smooth monophonic ceiling are not so visible.

The stretch ceilings with the drawing made to order allow to realize the most original wishes. On ceiling cloth it is possible to represent by means of photo printing landscapes, still lifes, and even photo from family archive.


Stretch ceilings with the drawing are often made on fabric basis. Such ceiling design differs in beautiful opaque surface and looks very presentably. However if the stretch ceiling is executed on fabric basis, then the probability that it will not sustain possible leakages in case of flooding of the apartment by neighbors, is rather high. Only ceilings on the basis of PVC can resist to leakages, however, they are not so eco-friendly as fabric. Stretch ceilings with the drawing do not need under repair, but if for some reason the cloth sustains damage, it will not be possible to restore it by own efforts. For this reason it is worth protecting ceiling with the drawing from contacts with sharp objects and abrasive means of household chemicals. The most fireproof ceilings it is considered to be fabric. All other cloths with drawings are fire-dangerous. Especially It should be noted the ceilings made of polyvinylchloride. Such ceilings instantly burn down, emitting toxic vapors and strong soot in the course of burning. Despite some shortcomings, stretch ceilings with the drawing are in the increasing demand recently, they give to the room identity, do it stylish and modern.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team