Cultivation of pumpkin in the open ground

Cultivation of pumpkin in the open ground

Pumpkin is annual plant which value is known to all. Pulp of fruits is used in many culinary recipes. Pumpkin juice is very useful. It it is simple to grow up plant. Surely place with yourself on the site at least one hole for landing of pumpkin.


1. As pumpkin is considered plant tropical, it is necessary to choose the place for its landing well lit. The soil needs to be dug over and fertilized. As fertilizers manure, compost, potash fertilizers will approach.

2. Before landing the seeds should be prepared. For this purpose they need to be spread out in containers with damp sawdust or gauze. Seeds sprout approximately in 3-4 days.

3. In the prepared holes sow germinated seeds, in everyone on 4 seeds. To cover places where seeds are closed up better with the cut-off plastic bottles. They will play role of the greenhouse and protection of seeds against crows and rooks. When shoots grow up, it is possible to leave 2 strong plants in hole.

4. The plant this powerful, has big root system and large stalks and leaves. Therefore it consumes significant amount of moisture. That is why pumpkin needs to be watered often, especially in hot weather.

5. Except watering the care for pumpkin consists in weeding, fertilizer and forming of lashes of plant. On one plant it is better to leave 1-2 stalks. At thickened landing, fruits will not be formed.

6. Shortly before harvesting the watering should be stopped. Thanks to it in fruits more sugar will remain, and fruits will not decay at storage.

7. Usually harvest in the middle of September. To understand fruit maturity, it is necessary to pay attention to fruit stem. If it has begun to dry out, pumpkin means ripe. Change of the drawing of bark of fruit also is sign of maturity. At mature pumpkin bark is not pressed through by nail.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team