What doll to choose for the girl

What doll to choose for the girl

The multi-colored bright world of children's toys pleases little visitors of shop, but brings adults sometimes to the depressing state. So there is a lot of toys for children, so they are various that the parent falls into a stupor: what to choose? Dolls for girls – a special subject. This toy is asked most often by young mischievous persons. So what doll to choose?

Appearance of a toy

Choosing a doll for the daughter, pay attention to her appearance. Estimate a toy in parameters:

  • figure;
  • look;

Psychologists and the scientist of the whole world do not advise to choose a doll of the Barbie type for the girl: the magnificent breast, a slender waist and disproportionately long legs form incorrect idea of beauty including about beauty of a female body at children. In the future it can lead to development of an inferiority complex.

Dolls for girls have to cause positive emotions. And therefore expression of a toy of the person has to be friendly, tender, joyful. The dolls the Monster Huy which became popular with young women are not recommended for acquisition.

For girls 4 years important as the doll is dressed become more senior. At this age young "mothers" begin to dress-undress the favourites, to try on different dresses. It is possible to buy a doll for the girl such that on it there were several things. For example, shorts, dress, hat. Or, if it is winter option of a toy for children, a dress, a coat, a cap, a scarf. Especially girls will like the accessories supplementing a game set: various handbags, toy hairbrushes, hairpins, umbrella, shoes, additional suits and other.

How to select a doll for the girl according to age

0-1 year: soft dolls, with not removed clothes; the baby dolls made of rubber; growth of a doll should not exceed growth of the child;

1-3 years: it is possible to buy a plastic doll, a doll baby doll, accessories are not desirable; not desirable too big toys;

4 is also more senior: dolls from different materials, razichny "function", i.e. baby dolls, dolls girls, dolls girls, dolls heroes of animated films; fine details are allowed (nipples, removable shoes, jewelry and other).

Let toys give your kid only joy! And a happy moment for the child a joint game with mom or dad will become! 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team