How to improve technology of reading at the child

How to improve technology of reading at the child

Many parents face what the child reads insufficiently quickly for the age. In the first class it does not cause big problems yet. But further the child can begin to lag far behind in study. Therefore to begin to work on technology of reading it is necessary since that moment when you notice that it is insufficient. It can become clear, for example, when checking. Each elementary school teacher will see off them regularly.

It is required to you

  • - cutting alphabets;
  • - cubes with letters;
  • - e-book;
  • - collections of tongue twisters:
  • - collection of exercises of articulation gymnastics;
  • - computer with text editors;
  • - registration at a school forum or on children's social network.


1. Find out how your child in fact reads. As a rule, technology of reading is determined by that, how fast and distinctly he reads aloud. There are children who even in the first class read silently and perfectly understand read, but falter and hesitate if they are asked to make it aloud. It is rather simple to find out it. Let's the child read a fragment and ask what he understood. In this case it is possible not to worry especially, and the problem is solved with the help of a game. If you got used to read with the child fairy tales in the evenings, change over. Let now he will be a reader, and you are a listener.

2. If the child badly reads and aloud, and about himself, the reasons for that can be a little. Perhaps, he not absolutely understood how letters develop in words. Perhaps, process of reading takes away from it so many forces that on understanding of sense there is no they left any more. In this case cubes with letters, cutting alphabets, "Erudite" games will help. But at first define as far as at the child the phonemic hearing is developed and whether he is able to distinguish a sound from a letter.

3. Suggest your school student to execute several exercises. Write any word well familiar to it. Ask to count how many in it letters. He for certain will make it with ease. Then ask to count sounds. If it causes difficulties, explain that the letter is a badge that this badge does not necessarily designate a sound at all. Suggest to define what vowels and consonants are in a word what sounds are said softly. Repeat exercise periodically. It is directly not connected with technology of reading, the child will not even understand that you are anxious with how he reads, and respectively, will not be obsessed.

4. Sound models can bring big benefit. To learn to make them, rather usual school notebook in a section and a set of pencils or felt-tip pens. Agree in what color you will designate vowels and what - concordants. When the child learns to do it quickly and without mistakes, complicate a task. For example, offer different colors for the soft and hard consonants hissing, whistling, etc.

5. Make sure that your child correctly says all sounds. For technology of reading there can be important even a slight dyslexia. For example, if the child confuses two sounds, then he and when reading will involuntarily falter when it is necessary to say one of them. Consult with the logopedist. Perhaps, several classes will be required to get rid of this shortcoming.

6. Cases when the child just very slowly speaks are frequent. It is possible to increase tempo of speech a little. Use tongue twisters. Also the articulation gymnastics will help in this case. Do not hope to re-educate completely the phlegmatic person, to change the nature it will not turn out, but to teach him to pronounce words slightly quicker quite really.

7. The person acquires easier any action when understands that it is necessary for it or it is at least interesting. Can seem to the child of exercise on technology of reading annoying or boring. He has to understand why it needs to read. He can not show interest in books. Define, than your child is fond, and let it know that in books it can gather information necessary to it. At the same time many modern children with mistrust treat usual typographical books, but they like be pleasant electronic.

8. On the computer you for certain have a text editor. Suggest the child to play. Print a word or a phrase and suggest to read. Then change over. Let the child will print something, and you read, precisely saying sounds. First the phrase can be absolutely senseless, and you for certain will find a huge number of mistakes in words. Do not abuse the pupil. He very quickly will understand what something does not so. It is possible to explain that the program most often underlines incorrectly written words or those which are unknown to it. It will also be useful "to teach" the text editor to new words. But for this purpose the child has to learn to print correctly them, and respectively - and it is good to read.

9. Use modern communication technologies. Many parents consider the Internet the harmful occupation capable to distract the school student from studies. In order that ont brought benefit, they need to use competently. Will help with development of technology of reading including social networks. During communication at a forum the child needs to read the message, to understand it and to manage to answer, and this already in itself is capable to force it to read quickly. Choose a suitable resource, explain to the child of the rule of communication, help to register and do not disregard the new user. Ask that he learned new at a forum or on social network with whom he got acquainted. You will also not notice how the child will begin to read very quickly.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team