How to calm the excitable child?

How to calm the excitable child?

Hyperactivity of the child, light excitability of the child - quite frequent problems in modern families. With such children very hard. But there are methods and receptions which will help parents of the irritable child. These are simple, but effective councils which can be adopted in fight against hyperactivity of the child.


1. Examine the kid at the pediatrician and the neurologist. You precisely have to know that your child is healthy. And if it not so, then first of all, you have to observe instructions of doctors. Everything that will be written below, is related to the healthy child. I am not a doctor, and young mom and I want to share experience from the life.

2. Observe the mode. The rhythm is a feature of nervous system of any child. And irritable children very sensitively react to failures in the mode. Always put to bed the kid approximately in at one time; you watch that at night he slept well too. If the child is too active, it not necessarily means that he has many forces. Most likely, even on the contrary, it speaks about exhaustions and overexcitation of nervous system.

3. Play with water. Games with water very much calm, teach the child to concentrate attention. Equip such place in the apartment where the child will be able quietly and independently to pour water. Equip this place so that not to abuse once again the kid for splashes. Perhaps, it will be games in the bathroom when bathing. Buy a good shower curtain not to limit the child's game because he pours water out of borders of the bathroom.

4. Spend energy of the child on walk. On sanitary standards the child has to spend on the street not less than 4 hours a day. It concerns irritable children still more. Buy the child waterproof overalls and rubber boots to walk almost in any weather. Take a ball on walk, you go on all next playgrounds, look for on the Internet active games for children and play them on the street. The child has to come from the street tired. Of course, at the same time you will be tired too, but receive then a healthy sleep at the child.

5. Give the calming children's tea during a dinner. To buy such tea now not a problem, in shops their huge choice. Find what will not cause allergies in your child and will be pleasant to him to taste. But you remember that there was a result, it is better to have such tea a course within several days.

6. Surely bathe the child for the night. It is desirable to use the calming foam or just essential oil. The lavender or a melissa quite will be suitable for such purposes.

7. You enter rituals into the child's life. The withdrawal ritual for sleeping is necessary for especially irritable child. In more detail about that, what is it, read in my article ""What Is Rituals in Education of the Child and as to Use Them"". Briefly - withdrawal for sleeping has to happen always in at one time to respect for approximately identical sequence of actions. For example, dinner, bathing, clothing of a pajamas, wish of ""sound sleep"", falling asleep.

8. Exclude watching TV and computer games in the evening. If you got used that the TV ""worked with a background"", then it is better for you to refuse this habit. Read books better, and the child let will play quiet games or will draw.

9. With already grown up child it is possible to learn breathing exercises. Nothing difficult is necessary. It is simple to breathe together into the account, to inhale one nostril, and to exhale another, for example. Respiratory gymnastics is more effective will calm the raging kid, than your shouts and abuse. You remember, it is extremely heavy to the excited child to stop. Your remarks, most likely, will not have any effect. It is better to stop physically the child - for shoulders, for example.

10. The most important – have patience. All listed ways begin to work at system application, from once the result will not be. Be quiet and sure then the child will pick up this your mood.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team