How to agree with the teenager

How to agree with the teenager

To agree with the teenager, calm down and control the emotions. Accurately explain what you want. Explain why the offspring has to make quite so. Talk surely and quietly, avoid long phrases and notations.


1. To agree with the teenager, first of all calm down. If you shout, wave a hand and to be nervous, the child will become angry too. As a result, fruitful dialogue will not turn out. If you feel that you begin "to begin to boil", come to time to other room, count up to 10, drink waters. As soon as the anger recedes, it is possible to start a conversation again. But you remember that the teenager needs to give too time for that he recovered and calmed down.

2. Remember that the teenager is not a small child who understands nothing. And if you tell the offspring that it is necessary to make something only because so it is necessary to you or someone else, you will not achieve any result. First, communicate with the child as equals. Do not point at all that he is silly and does not understand much. Secondly, accurately and shortly explain what you want. Thirdly, explain why quite so it is necessary to make.

3. To agree with the teenage child sometimes very difficult, especially if you need from him something right now, and he at the moment does not want anything to do. Do not demand from the child of immediate performance of the request, give it time. For example, instead of demanding to take out garbage immediately, ask when the teenager is able to make it. Try to limit time frames that the child had an opportunity to perform a task a little later, but at the same time no later than certain time.

4. Many teenagers pretend that they do not hear parents. And some hear nothing actually. Anyway, you have to learn to draw attention of the child. At first it is necessary to achieve visual contact. Therefore get up before the teenager and during the conversation you look it fool in the face. If it did not yield any results, try to take the child by hand. If you doubt that the offspring understood everything and remembered, ask it to repeat your words. Do not respond to roughness with roughness, but strictly stop attempts of the child to offend you. Your offense will be useful. Perhaps, the teenager will think again, realizes and will correct the errors.

5. Successfully to conduct negotiations with the teenager, you watch yourself and the manner of communication. Do not try to reprimand and do not repeat the same constantly. It angers and strains many children who are in awkward age. You do not say long phrases, it will be difficult for their teenager to remember. You speak accurately, clearly, quietly and surely. Do not use rough words. Also try to be more tender, such approach can help you to agree with the child without quarrels.

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