How to make characteristic on the preschool child

How to make characteristic on the preschool child

Some modern schools at arrival of the child in the first class demand from the management of a preschool institution which he visited the characteristic containing information on skills and achievements of the kid and also on his ability to find mutual understanding with other children and adults. It is assigned to make characteristic on the preschool child, as a rule, to his tutor.


1. Begin drawing up characteristic on the preschool child with transfer of its personal data: Full name, birth dates and birth places and also residential addresses. Specify the name and the address of preschool institution which was visited by the child.

2. In characteristic write how quickly the child adapted in group as he interacts with the peers and adults whether enough it is sociable and open. Specify with what mood the child comes to kindergarten whether often skips classes.

3. Do not forget to write about as far as the preschool child is independent whether he can put on or undress without the aid of adults, whether he follows the basic rules of personal hygiene.

4. Specify how the kid treats classes in kindergarten whether enough it is active, whether participates in the developing games and competitions. What types of classes are pleasant to it most of all and what seem difficult or boring. Surely write about whether the preschool child is assidious during the classes what time is required to him on switching from one type of activity to another as far as he is self-critical.

5. Characteristic on the preschool child has to contain information on features of behavior of the child: as far as whether he is sociable, attentive and assidious, capable to state competently and consistently the thoughts and to draw conclusions. Write how the kid in conflict situations behaves.

6. If the child visits any circles or sections, surely specify their name and a type of activity (sport, dances, drawing, music, etc.).

7. Include in characteristic on the preschool child only the most important information on it. Be not fond of words and expressions with bright emotional and expressional coloring. Do not use in characteristic on the preschool child medical and psychological concepts, such as hyperactive, passive, aggressive.

8. Sign the characteristic made on the preschool child and vise it at the head of your preschool educational institution.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team