How to make cocktail: secrets of the bartender

How to make cocktail: secrets of the bartender

Today any restaurant, bar or pub can offer you the huge choice of alcoholic cocktails. It is possible to distinguish a mojito from the most popular, a pin a pack and Margarita. Cocktails can be cooked and at home, possessing special secrets of their preparation. We will consider some of them.

1. For preparation of alcoholic cocktails as a basis most often use the following drinks: vodka, cognac, liqueur, absinthe, gin, tequila and other alcohol. Connection of these drinks in different proportions will give different tastes of cocktails that also depends on abilities, imagination and skills of the bartender.

It is possible to mix, apparently, ingredients incongruous at first sight, and the result turns out excellent.

2. Before starting preparation of any drink, you need to buy the batcher by means of which you will be able to observe all proportions of cocktail. The method "approximately" in this case isn't appropriate.

It is important to know the following: when you don't use the batcher, it is necessary to store it in the turned look in the vessel filled with water. Water in this vessel needs to be changed: than you will be more often it to do, that the batcher will serve to you longer. All these measures are necessary for maintaining gustatory qualities of cocktail.

3. An important factor is also that it is impossible to stir long drinks with gas content. Carbonated drinks should be added to cocktail the latest. It is also not necessary to pour in them in the mixer or a special glass intended for hashing.

4. Cocktails have to prepare as soon as possible. The most important that ice didn't manage to thaw.

5. If drink turns out too sweet, it is recommended to add lemon juice. It not only will remove excessive sweet, but also will impact to cocktail a peculiar, unique taste. Also lemon juice allows ingredients more simply and better to mix up in preparation time of cocktail.

6. And the last council - show imagination, experiment and already shortly you will please the guests with unusual, bright and tasty cocktails.  

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team