To cut nails to the kid: ways and nuances

To cut nails to the kid: ways and nuances

The procedure of a podstriganiye of a marigold at kids not simple. The big care is required not to injure fingers of the kid. Children, as a rule, are mobile and do not allow to carry out the procedure quietly. Fingers and nails on them small, it is necessary to shear accurately. Generally, parents have enough reasons for nervousness. How "to make manicure" to the child the easiest way? What tools to use? What nuances exist?

Than to obstrigat a marigold to the kid

It is possible to use scissors from manicure set of the adult. It is necessary to make sure before it that the tool is ground and has no rust.

The second option to use special scissors with the rounded edges. They are safer, than scissors for adults.

The third option is tweezers. They are on sale also in departments with manicure accessories, and in shops for children. Podstriganiye of a marigold tweezers is also safer option, than ordinary scissors.

What you would not choose, remember that before the procedure the tool needs to be processed the disinfecting solution. For example, it is possible to use alcohol.

When to cut nails to the child

Many parents cut a marigold when the kid sleeps. In this case, he does not pull handles and legs, lies quietly. Most optimum it to start the procedure in half an hour after the child falls asleep. At this time the dream is strongest.

If the kid begins to move in a dream, suspend process, rock to sleep the baby, then continue. In most cases, the child will not even feel manipulations and the procedure will take place quickly and without serious consequences.

If two adults take part in process, then it is possible "to divide roles". For example, mom cuts a marigold, and dad distracts. Or mom nurses, and dad or the grandmother cuts.

To choose time for a podstriganiye of a marigold if you were going to do it when the kid is awake, it when the child in good mood follows.

How to cut a marigold

Strong and surely you hold the handle or a leg of the kid. Slightly press a fingertip and you obstrigit a nail.

It is necessary to cut exactly. Corners should be rounded off, but it is not necessary to cut too strongly at the edges not to injure skin.

It is important that the one who carries out the procedure, was not excessively concentrated, at least, externally. The kid will see tension on the face of the loved one and it will cause in it nervousness. Better than it try to bring the game moment, to somehow interest and distract the kid.


It is not necessary to cut a marigold after acceptance of a bathtub. At this time nails and skin of the child are softened and it is possible to injure gentle fingers.

It is important that where there is a process of a podstriganiye, there was enough light.

On handles the nails grow quicker, than standing. It is necessary to cut them time in three-five days. On legs cut as required.

If you, despite all precautions, wound a finger, then process it brilliant green or iodine.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team