What games it is possible to play with the child, without distracting from daily affairs

What games it is possible to play with the child, without distracting from daily affairs

Game is an effective way of acquaintance of children of early age to the world around therefore for harmonious development of the kid with it it is necessary to play as much as possible. However daily affairs do not allow to be engaged with the child so much time how many it would be desirable. To pay enough attention to the kid and to get on well at economy, it is the best of all to unite these classes.

Considerable part of daily duties is connected with kitchen where there passes a lot of time. If to provide the child to itself, to impose with toys and to be distracted by the affairs, then he will get bored soon, will creep or follow mom on heels, to ask on hands, to complain, etc. Therefore the kid needs to be borrowed with an interesting game.

For certain it will be pleasant to the child if mom attracts him as the assistant: will ask to wipe a table, to collect and throw out garbage in a bucket, to wipe and spread out spoons on boxes. It is possible to give the kid a free hand with any safe kitchen utensils, for example bowls, pans, covers, ladles. To allow to pour in them water, to put on the head and to knock them the friend about the friend. And if among toys there is children's ware or kitchen, the child will be glad to cook soup for dolls while mom makes a lunch for family.

For development of fine motor skills it is useful to suggest the kid to choose haricot or raisin from a bowl with semolina, to find any small subject in buckwheat, to pour rice from a glass into a plate hands or by means of a spoon. If mom does dumplings or vareniki, the child will want to be helped therefore it is necessary to give him a test piece for creativity and to allow to mold anything. Dusting, mom by all means has to allocate a small rag for the kid. The same treats also mopping. If the child is not afraid of the vacuum cleaner, it is possible to involve it in cleaning of carpets, and it is even better – to buy it toy model which not only looks as the real vacuum cleaner, but also puts away large garbage. The kid will quite cope with loading of linen in the washing machine and will be happy if to it charge to press the Start button, and then will allow to participate in hanging out the washed things. It is desirable to iron in parallel with mom, but on own board and the iron bought in toy store. The child dividing her daily efforts with mom though in playful way, it is necessary to praise by all means even if at him not everything turns out as it is necessary. Thus he will create useful skills of housekeeping, and parents will have an irreplaceable assistant. And if during homework to sing together songs, to dance and recite verses, will be twice more cheerful.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team