How to process genitals of the newborn girl

How to process genitals of the newborn girl

From the very first days the genitals of the girl need careful hygiene. The wrong podmyvaniye often leads to emergence of inflammatory processes, an intertrigo and dermatitis. Knowing the basic rules on care for genitalia of your crumb, you will be able to avoid possible complications and to keep her health.

It is required to you

  • - sterile cotton wool;
  • - talc;
  • - hygroscopic rag or soft diaper;
  • - sterile oil (vegetable, almond, sunflower or peach);
  • - hypoallergenic cosmetic;
  • - wet children's towel wipes;
  • - boiled water.


1. Protect skin of genitalia of the girl not only from pollution and infection, but also and from mechanical and other irritations. After each urination dry up them a soft diaper or a hygroscopic rag, and after an excrement surely wash area of external genitals boiled water of room temperature and also accurately dry up.

2. Wash skin only in the direction in front back, then the remains of excrements will not pollute area of a vulva. Do not wash away the newborn in a basin or a bath as microbes can get into genitals from dirty water.

3. After bathing and a podmyvaniye dry a soft napkin or sterile cotton wool at the beginning area of a sexual crack, vulvar lips, inguinal folds, skin and only right at the end a crotch.

4. If you notice even small signs of irritation, powder skin a thin layer of the talc mixed with zinc powder in a proportion 50:50 or grease with a thin layer sterile vegetable (almond, sunflower, peach) oils. Also you can remove irritation, applying on area of reddening hypoallergenic cosmetic for babies.

5. At each swaddling examine skin folds, at the same time paying special attention to area of genitalia. If you find pasting of the vulvar lips covered with a secret move apart them carefully cotton tampon moistened in warm boiled water. Then accurately remove allocations and drain skin.

6. At a daily podmyvaniye of genitalia of the newborn girl do not use usual soap, only children's Ph-neutral.

7. In the first year of life of the child use as seldom as possible potassium permanganate, cosmetic and other means as they not only very strongly dry skin, but also destroy the protective function of skin which was already in time to be formed.

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