What is the Cesarean section

What is the Cesarean section

When natural childbirth is impossible, there is one exit – Cesarean section. It represents surgery by means of which the child is taken from a uterus through a section in a stomach.

Any operation is a risk. But if it is about rescue of the woman or child, this risk is justified. Though in comparison with natural childbirth the health hazard is higher several times.

Indications to operation

Planned Cesarean section is carried out in a case:

1.         You have an obesity.

2.         Severe short-sightedness. At the same time there is a risk to lose sight (peeling of a retina).

3.         Narrow basin.

4.         Malformations of a uterus and vagina.

5.         Wrong provision of a fruit.

6.         Severe form of late toxicosis.

7.         Diabetes or Rhesus factor conflict.

After the beginning of patrimonial activity can offer you the emergency Cesarean section. It is carried out if:

1.         Weak patrimonial activity even after performance-enhancing drugs is observed.

2.         Hypoxia of a fruit and winding by an umbilical cord.

Today such operation is performed by two methods: under the general anesthesia or by means of epiduralny anesthesia (anesthetic arrives via the spinal channel). The second method is more widespread since you are in consciousness and at once can see the child.

Risk for the child

During operation the child does not suffer in any way. There can be small trouble breathing, but the child will be observed by doctors. In rare instances the surgeon can touch with the child's scalpel, but all damages soon begin to live.

The truth exists opinion that it will be more difficult for kid to adapt to the environment. He had not to make any efforts for birth.

Recovery process after Cesarean section

Process of restoration after operation always longer. Etc. you receive all recommendations of physical activities, food from the doctor.

First you will feel pain in the place of a section. But such pain usually ceases in several weeks. To you will appoint the anesthetizing medicines. Besides you will be in constant efforts about the child, and pain will seem you a real trifle.

For prevention of infections antibiotics are usually appointed. But there are cases of their emergence in the place of a section, in urinary tract or inflammation of a uterus is observed. At you temperature, severe bleeding can rise. In that case immediately see a doctor.

In half of cases after Cesarean section there are solderings (strips of cicatricial fabric). They can cause unpleasant feelings as result in immovability of bodies. But their education depends on how the surgeon sewed fabrics.

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