What is parascience

What is parascience

The steam prefix is translated as "near", "near", therefore close translation of the term "parascience" sounds as "almost science" or "pseudo-scientific". This discipline includes group of the ideas and concepts which apply scientific approaches to unscientific objects, for example, to the paranormal phenomena. It is impossible to call parascience a pseudo science which only masks under the scientific systematized knowledge.

Science and parascience

In representation of the people far from scientific research, the science is the harmonious, firm, logical and universal system of knowledge which is replenished over time, but almost do not change and do not contradict each other. Actually, the scientific world is far from this ideal: it is presented by a set of various theories which can have wrong ideas, inaccuracies, alogisms and opposite concepts. The science constantly changes, some concepts are replaced by others, some theories are false, others, almost improbable, lay claim only to true.

The main feature of science is that it systematizes and studies reality by means of objective methods: collecting facts, analysis, synthesis and generalization, forecasting. The same methods are applied also by parascience, but it is directed to more specific objects which deviate scientific standards, but developed as a result of the theory can be both false, and true. Today most often parascience call those types of activity which do not fit the definition of "pseudo science", but cannot, at least, so far, be considered as scientific.

These are the ideas which have no support among scientists and exist as alternative views of reality.

Types of parascience

Parascientific knowledge can pass into the category scientific, it happened for all history of mankind more than once. So, the theory of drift of continents developed by the German geophysicist Wegener was perceived as the improbable assumption which was beyond "normal" science, but today it is considered only true. Therefore parascience often call quite scientific theories which did not gain authority among scientists yet and did not receive full confirmation.

One of types of parascience is the complex of ancient exercises which cannot be considered as scientific today: astrology, ancient traditional medicine, alchemy, fortune-telling, numerology, necromancy, demonology, chiromancy.

Parascience also often call the disciplines relating to so-called "national science". They cannot be fully considered as scientific as have applied, didactic character, but teach useful, real skills. Also this term belongs to modern methods of studying the paranormal phenomena: the secret forces and the phenomena which are shown in inexplicable situations. The parascience, for example, is engaged in parapsychology which includes such concepts as telepathy, clairvoyance, a psychokinesis. Ufology – too one of parascientific disciplines.

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