What mixes are recommended by pediatricians to newborns

What mixes are recommended by pediatricians to newborns

It is unlikely someone will argue that the best food for the newborn is a maternal milk. The children who grew up on breastfeeding it is healthier than bottle-fed babies. However not always the choice of a way of food depends on the woman. In certain cases breast milk happens insufficiently. Sometimes it is absent just. Therefore mothers should choose artificial mixes for the kid. What is advised about it by pediatricians?


1. Producers of children's mixes try to release a product as close as possible on the structure to maternal milk. It contains a full range of the substances necessary for the kid. Cow's milk is taken as a basis and adapts to chest.

2. Most adapted: Nan, "Nutrilon", SMA, etc. The bulk of a product is made by the serumal proteins which are easily acquired by an organism of the kid. Mixes are intended for the smallest by age about half a year.

3. Less adapted: Enfamil, "Similac", Impress, etc. As a part of mixes there is enough casein which is exposed to special processing. Such product suits for the use to kids after half a year.

4. Partially adapted: "Kid", "Baby", etc. These structures are adapted to breast milk only partially. Are used for food of kids about half a year. Usual mixes. Because of high content of protein in structure they are recommended for children is more senior than half a year. The nutritiousness of such product quite corresponds to requirements of an organism of the grown-up tot.

5. Besides there is a division of mixes on formulas: - mix under figure 1 – for kids up to 6 months; - mix under figure 2 – children are later 6 months old; - mix under figure 3 – to tots after 1 year; - there are mixes where on packing it is written "since the birth to 12 months".

6. That the kid well developed, all minerals which are present at breast milk are added to nutritious mixes. They help children to raise and develop according to age. Often for regulation of the GIT functions the pediatricians recommend to add acidified milk formulas to food of babies. They contribute to normalization of a metabolism and formation of healthy microflora. Acidified milk formulas are recommended to the kids having allergic diathesis, deficiency of body weight, disorders of a GIT.

7. You should not buy a large number of packs of mix at once even if it costs cheaper. Each kid has the susceptibility. Having begun to lure the child, you monitor reaction of an organism. Pay attention to a chair of the child, vomiting frequency, skin manifestations.

8. If there are any aberrations, and they do not pass, in couple of days it is necessary to address the pediatrician. With what signs the address to the doctor is required: - there is no increase in weight; - manifestation of allergic reaction; - changes in behavior of the kid: irritability or apathy; - after feeding the child asks to eat again; - sleep disorder.

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