What polyvitamins to drink before pregnancy

What polyvitamins to drink before pregnancy

When planning pregnancy it is necessary to spend on drink a rate of polyvitaminic medicines. Especially important it in case food of the woman is not balanced.

It is required to you

  • vitamins, vegetables, fruit


1. If in the near future you plan to become a mom, you need to approach planning of pregnancy with a certain share of responsibility. See a doctor in 2-3 months prior to alleged conception. The expert will direct you to analyses and will make recommendations about an occasion of healthy nutrition, a healthy lifestyle and intake of vitamins.

2. It is considered that in additional reception of vitamin complexes there is no need if the diet of the woman is balanced. At the same time it is necessary to consider that future mom feels the increased need for some substances. Prepare the organism for pregnancy approach, having eliminated deficiency of vitamins.

3. Do not take the vitamin drugs without preliminary consultation with the doctor. The expert will help you to decide on what complex is necessary to you and also will make recommendations about an optimum dosage of medicine.

4. Many modern doctors consider that when planning pregnancy it is necessary to accept vitamins separately, but not as a part of polyvitaminic complexes as women can have various needs for any given substances. If all of you decided to choose complex medicines for pregnant women because of convenience of their reception, pay attention to their structure.

5. As a part of a vitamin complex surely there has to be folic acid. Begin additional reception folic in 3 months prior to alleged conception. Its dosage has to make from 0.4 to 0.8 mg a day.

6. Give preference to polyvitamins which part vitamins A and E are. Additional intake of these substances will be required also throughout all first trimester of pregnancy.

7. Accept the polyvitaminic complexes containing iodine. At the same time you remember that medicines with iodine are contraindicated to the women having diseases of a thyroid gland.

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