What symbolizes violet color

What symbolizes violet color

Psychological influence of color is present at all areas of our life, we want that or not. The love for a certain color can tell of features of your character, mood.

One of branches of psychological science – psychology of color is engaged in studying interrelation of perception of color and mentality of the person. The person preferring shades of violet in clothes bewitches. At registration of an interior in violet color it is necessary to consider a number of the factors promoting a cosiness and comfort.

Interpretation of violet color

Violet color in psychology is associated with hypersensibility, differences of mood, observation, wit, vanity.

Violet combines tranquility blue and energy of red. Therefore, the identity of "violet" people is contradictory. The relations with with such person develop easily, but it will not be possible to learn his inner world, he is very reserved.

Violet color helps sensitive and creative people and also people who have a stress and nervous tension. Ancient Aztecs considered violet color of wisdom. The abundance in aura of shades of violet is treated as dedication, possession of high spiritual consciousness. In India violet color symbolizes resettlement of souls. In Western Europe it is color of fidelity. In blue-violet clothes Jesus Christ appears at a crucifixion on a cross. María Magdalena is also often represented in blue-violet clothes. Violet – the main color of a front part of an altar, symbolizes a post. Now violet color is associated with feminists and homosexuals (France calls homosexuals "violet"). Many women choose violet color in the Lyushera test during pregnancy. There was a time when in America the clothes of violet color were worn only by elderly women, widows. During history violet color acquired great variety of interpretations: knowledge, intelligence, sobriety, humility, nostalgia, mourning, passivity, sensuality, tenderness, attentiveness, dissatisfaction, intuition, mysticism, melancholy, etc. Violet it is considered color of magicians and astrologers. It is considered by right the most mysterious and inexplicable, helping at meditation. Violet color has negative effect on the people having any dependence. This color is capable to appease a headache, to lower heart rate, to force a brain to work actively. It is very useful at brain concussion, multiple sclerosis, neuralgia, epilepsy. Violet rejuvenates a human body, improves work of heart and lungs.

Violet color in clothes

If at clothes of the person there is violet color or its shades, then it speaks about his desire to fascinate and most to be fascinated. The girls choosing violet color in clothes, very womanly, romantic, have good taste and an intuition. The clothes of violet color will look more harmoniously on brunettes. You should not be fond of too dark shades of violet. It is better to use lilac shades. Violet in clothes it is better to dilute yellow, orange, gold, green (it can be accessories, jewelry).

Violet color in an interior

It is considered that violet color for an interior a little heavy. The dark-violet tone in an interior looks richly, magnificently, but is gloomy, and the light tone creates the quiet atmosphere. Long stay of the person in the violet room can cause a depression. But if you nevertheless like this color, then use it as small accent spots or planimetric lines (violet "spots" in the form of hours, a flowerpot, a picture, etc. will perfectly look).

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